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Your Cat Needs These Five Things to Be Happy

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When we bring a cat to our house, our imagination comes up with pictures from an advertisement. Here cat is purring in a lulling way and rubbing near our legs. Next slide: it sleeps on your knees, curled up in a ball, and then plays with family members. However, as they grow older, you may notice that the character of a cat is far from a "Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur." Many cats do not show any excessive tenderness – they become excellent companions, do not bother with overwhelming attention, but they do not show zeal for communicating with you either. Some even grow quite angry, do not allow people to approach them, and are aggressive towards us. They say that cats are like people and love you solely for some advantages that they can get from your presence. Not sure if this is true – as every living being needs warmth and love.

Things that humans and cats find cute obviously differ. The best thing which will make your cat happy, are definitely care and love. Check through the following 5 points to make sure you are not missing anything.

1. Be next to the cat – remembering that the measure is essential in everything

A man is holding and hugging a cat.
Cats need love, care, and support even if they look too independent.

Although cats have a reputation for independent animals, this does not mean that they do not like the company or attention. Domestic cats, whose entertainment is entirely dependent on the owner, will be happy to play with you or just sit next to you. The cat is a fully-fledged member of the family, thus no less than others it needs affection and attention. Many make a colossal mistake by driving an animal away when it comes to getting a daily dose of tenderness. Even if you are busy, give your pet only a few minutes if it wants to. It will not ruin your plans in any way, and the cat will remember that you spent time with them and supported them when they might have had a bad mood.

At the same time, you should distinguish the cat from the plush toy cat as the first one won't like to sit in your hands all day. These animals are independent by nature, and they do not want to sit in master's hands for too long and perceive the excessive tenderness as an encroachment on freedom. Your pet should understand that it has the right to choose, and can leave at any time, being in a hurry for a cat's business meeting about the food supplies.

It is crucial to observe what kind of contact the cat likes and what it does not accept during caresses. For example, most animals do not like the touch to the tail. Some react negatively when their stomach is touched. In any case, you cannot insist on affection if the cat pulls away or tries to hide. As a cat owner, you have to come to terms that your cat will find tactile caresses cute "in the right place and at the right time when the furry majesty deigns to descend to this."

2. Wicked games — Mr. Cat Vs…

A small kitten is in its tent.
Cats love having their personal space where they can have some rest.

Even the adults love games – look how desperately men are fighting in video games like brave Vikings. The scientists say that games help us to develop the new neural connections solving the puzzles. Our pets are like small kids – thus, they love playing as much as they love food. What about making a cat's paradise connecting food and games then? Let's see what games you could play with your furry friend.

You don't need the fortune to equip a playground for your cat. In fact, developing the parallel with a small kid – everything from house objects could become a matter of interest for them. Imagine yourself the director of a blockbuster "Mr. Cat vs …" Here is a list of games from improvised materials to entertain your cat not to stick to the dull laser point chase.

A mysterious twig

You can entertain your cat with the hunt for a twig. Point it on them from under the door and see the happiness of the predator and full concentration in their eyes. Cats love hunting for an unknown mysterious object and find it very thrilling. Instead of a twig, you can play with a feather, a lace, etc.

Magic carpet

Your cat has never watched Aladdin, but no doubt that they would love the fun of riding the carpet. Make your cat seated on a small yoga mat or a rug. Drag it slowly speeding it up depending on the cat's reaction.

Flying toys

Tie the toys on strings to a doorknob, cabinet door, chair back. To maintain the intrigue, change the place of deployment from time to time.

Food puzzles

To diversify the food intake of your cat, do food puzzles for them. You can buy it at a pet store or make it yourself. The Internet is full of ideas for homemade puzzles (look for Puzzle feeders). By the way, putting food into boxes, cat houses, and another beloved by your pet locations is also a food puzzle. A pathway from a meal is also a good option for a food puzzle. You can use it to train the cat to get to the upper shelves. This game would be a heaven for cats – as entertainment and food together is a winning combo.

A cat tent

After a long working day at a cat's office, every cat wants some privacy, and "no humans allowed" space. A great place to relax and think about life, analyzing how good the human treated you lately. It is constructed from a bedsheet thrown on a chair, a table, an ironing board or a folding ladder. Don't forget to put something soft on the floor to make your cat feel cozy. Throw some toys inside like a ball or hang a toy on a string inside the secret place of your cat. Voila, you receive the best master's award from your cat.

Bubble show

The popular kids' show would mesmerize your cat and make it stuck for a while, thinking what the magical flying balls are and why despite all the efforts, they can't catch them.

3. Cat-boss – let the fluff feel like a master

A cat is walking outdoors.
Cats love freedom, so it's good to let them feel themselves like a boss for a while.

It sounds strange, but to make the cat happier, you should let it be the master of the house from time to time. It happens that animals become aggressive since they continuously have to obey, be complaisant, and extremely obedient. Such a life causes stress; the pet closes in itself and accumulates anger at others. It is essential to understand that a cat is a freedom-loving creature; it wants to feel equal with family members and have their rights. Let the cat feel like a Don of cat's mafia sometimes, so you will satisfy their will for freedom, keeping it under your control.

4. Create the workout zone for your cat

A cat is sitting on wall hanging wooden box for pet workouts..
Your cat will definitely love any boxes or toys that you hang on the wall for playing and exercising.

Domestic cats need exercise to stay healthy, but they cannot go for a cross-fit session or hit the gym. Install special devices on the wall so that the cat can climb, jump, and lie on them. It is not very difficult, and if there are no financial means to purchase ready-made devices, then make them yourself.

5. An eye of the cat's world – provide a cat with a place to observe the environment

A cat is watching a bird through the window.
Cats are happy to watch the world around them, so organizing a bird feeder behind a window is a great idea.

You as a human have a whole world for yourself – and their world is restricted by the place they live in. If you arrange a spot on the windowsill, the cat will sit and lie there for hours, watching what is happening outside the window. The cat will be twice as happy if you install a climbing and jumping device next to the window on the wall. You can extend the cat's enjoyment by hanging a feeder on the street opposite the window, where you will feed the birds, which your cat will watch with great interest. The cat also needs fresh air, so open the window from time to time, but make sure that it is safe and your pet cannot fall out or run away.

The things which our cats and we find cute are different. Your cat would love to feel your attention and care through the small things you do for them every day. Ensure that they know that you are one who organizes all the fun and food for them, as this would help you build rapport and tenderness between you, getting the love of your furry friend. Implementing at least a few of the list's points, you are guaranteed to make your cat feel happy.

Remember that the cat's attitude to you and your family depends primarily on you. Love your pet, be able to negotiate with it, be patient, and do not show your superiority without unnecessary need. Only under the influence of your sincere love and care any cat be will able to become affectionate, gentle, and incredibly friendly due to its happiness.

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