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World`s Largest Dogs: Are They Good ESAs?

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Have you heard of incredibly large dog breeds? Indeed, the canine world bristles with all sorts of dogs including surprisingly small and amazingly large ones. Even more than that, in some situations, the size of a dog can become an important criterion that can determine how well the dog will cope with its tasks. 

Many people are wondering whether large dogs can make good ESAs. The truth is that large dog breeds can become really awesome support animals due to their affectionate nature and a whole bunch of amazing benefits. But if you want to get a massive dog for an ESA, it’s best to learn more about different breeds and weigh up the pros and cons before you make a decision.

Want to learn more about the largest canine species in the world? Keep reading and you’ll get to know all about the top 5 sizeable dog breeds and their performance at being one’s ESA.

Dog’s size makes a difference: Why large dogs are better than small ones?

Owner with her Great dane at veterinary.
Large dogs are not as fragile and delicate as the small ones

Everything in this world has its positive and negative sides, and dogs are not an exception. On the one hand, it’s never easy to take care of a large dog. Just imagine – you’ll have to feed it regularly, make sure it gets enough exercise and perform loads of other duties that are not always necessary if you’ve got a dog of a regular size.

On the other hand, however, you’ll be rewarded by a myriad of merits that are peculiar to large dog breeds. These include:

  • Big size comes with the feeling of security as such dogs are very patient, protective and, for the most part, not aggressive.
  • Gigantic dog breeds are not as fragile and delicate as small-sized ones.
  • They love young children and enjoy interacting with people and other pets.
  • Large dogs are more trainable than smaller ones. They get a knack of new tricks almost instantly as they are also very smart.
  • Large pups are always eager to share their love with the dearest people. They are very caring and faithful to their owners.
  • They are not prone to constant barking or jumping at people. Instead, they can easily gain self-control so you won’t face any of such problems.

Finally, large dogs are simply fun to have at home and they also attract much attention when you walk with them in the streets. All these amazing merits make them excellent companions and many representatives of massive dog breeds fit this role better than any other.

Largest dog types: Which ones can make good ESAs?

So, can huge dogs become good ESAs? Absolutely! And some of the largest dogs in the canine world can deal with this duty particularly well. Here are the top 5 enormous dogs that make perfect ESAs. We have no doubts that one of them can turn into your most affectionate and loyal emotional support animal. Why? Let’s find out.

  1. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound dog

These dogs are also called “gentle giants” and obviously, there is a good reason for this. In fact, Irish Wolfhounds are known for their kind hearts, friendliness, and loving nature. They are indeed surprisingly large and some representatives of this breed may weigh not less than 150 pounds or even more.

Nonetheless, despite their huge size, they walk and run with grace and may even chase you if they think you’re a suitable target. All these traits make them a very good choice for the ESA role. They are simply very good-natured and caring pups that will definitely give you the needed emotional help and change your life for the better.

  1. Great Dane

Great Dane resting on the lawn

This pup is yet another gentle giant in the canine world. They aren’t as tall as Irish Wolfhounds but they still have a big heart and are very playful especially when interacting with kids. What makes them amazing ESAs is that their kindness, adorable looks and sweet nature. They never get tired of pleasing their owners as they are very lovable and person-oriented.

Once you get yourself this giant for a company, you’ll soon realize that your life is regaining its colors. Great Danes never stop offering gigantic portions of love to their owners and that’s what adds more value to this particular breed.

  1. Bernese Mountain

bernese mountain dog closeup portrait

This dog breed might not be the largest of all but they may still require much space if you want to get one for an ESA. Luckily, if you make this decision, you’ll hardly ever regret your choice as these dogs can actually become very reliable emotional support animals.

They are gentle, caring, and easy-going. And all these traits will definitely let you get a bit of comfort whenever you need it. If you’re looking for a large canine friend with a gentle heart, choose a Bernese Mountain dog and you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Newfoundland

newfoundland dog and woman

Newfoundland dogs look pretty much like bears – they are very large and extremely fluffy. However, what makes them different from vicious bears is their gentle and loving nature. They are always eager to share their love with everyone around, especially with kids. And they can also become great assistance animals.

Despite their large size, they are very sociable and often try to please their handlers as much as they can. They are also very active so they’ll easily distract you from any negative things on your mind. Be sure that spending time with these gentle creatures at home and outdoors will bring only positive emotions. And this will definitely encourage your quick recovery from all sorts of emotional problems.

  1. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff lying on white floor

Yet another dog of a massive size is Tibetan Mastiff. This dog breed is also very fluffy and the furry coat a Tibetan Mastiff looks very similar to that of a lion. However, the intimidating looks can’t spoil the positive impression that you get when you start interacting with this pup.

Despite anything you might be thinking of when looking at a Tibetan Mastiff, this gigantic dog can become a perfect companion and trusted friend to you and your whole family.

Regrettably, these dogs are also very rare and may cost a big fortune which makes them not a popular choice among ESA handlers. But we have good reasons to admit that they can make really great companion dogs and will perform this task perfectly!

Key Takeaways

So, ready to get yourself one of the largest and most devoted canine creatures? We have no doubt that your choice won’t leave you disappointed in any meaning. Even though all dogs are very comforting and can become faithful ESAs, large dog breeds are especially good at making their owners calm down and feel better than ever before.

With one of the gentle giants by your side, you’ll forget about your emotional problems in a matter of a second. Just try to ensure you pick the best-matching dog breed for emotional support to let you fight all sorts of mental troubles and never develop them again.

Ready to make a decision? Then apply for an ESA letter and leave your health problems behind!

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