A coydog is running in the field.

Why You’d Better Not Take a Coydog if You Need an ESA

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When it comes to choosing an emotional support dog, the breed really matters. All dogs are good and beautiful but some of them are more suitable for such an important task as providing emotional support to their humans — just because of their temperament and behavior peculiarities. Today we are talking about coydogs — wild and loyal friends yet not the best ESAs to opt for. 

What Is a Coydog?

A coydog is standing on a path in the forest.
A coydog looks like a coyote and a domestic dog - it's a hybrid breed.

It’s easy to understand where the roots of this dog breed come from by just looking at its name. Coydog is a hybrid between any domestic dog and a coyote. That’s why they differ drastically in their appearance, depending on which dog exactly became a lucky parent of a coydog pup. In most cases, coydogs are brown or dark-brown though the white fur color can also happen. They have a typical white face mask and pointed triangular coyote-like ears. The breed is considered to be rather rare as coyotes and dogs don’t really match in their mating periods — while coyotes tend to start mating somewhere at the beginning of March, it’s too cold and early for domestic dogs to go on a love hunt. 

Coydog — Basic Facts

Here is the basic information about the coydogs for you to understand this unique dog breed better before you start thinking about getting one as your ESA

  • The breed was born in America — the homeland for coyotes;
  • The lifespan of a coydog might vary from 5 to 15 years;
  • Coydogs are medium-sized dogs, their weight varies from 60 to 120 pounds;
  • Coydogs are considered to be a hypoallergenic breed; 
  • An average coydog mother breeds 5-6 puppies in one litter.

Coydogs — How They Behave

A coydog is standing on the grass.
Coydogs prefer spending time away from people.

Now you know how coydogs look like but in our case, it’s more important to know how they act like as not all dogs can make a good emotional support animal. The thing is, coyotes are wild animals and in most cases, their genetics prevail in the coydog breed. It shows from the very childhood — while the other puppies are sweet and playful, small coydogs are not really fond of people and other animals and prefer to stand aside.

Coydogs are very active and can make perfect hunters. The bad part is that they are not big fans of being obedient to people so if you want them to at least listen to your commands, it’s vital to start training as early as possible. But be ready that the basics like “sit” and “wait” will become a challenging task. To blow off steam, coydogs need hours of running, walking, and exercising, otherwise, they can become rather aggressive even to their owners. It doesn’t mean that coydogs are bad and evil though. Like any other dogs, coydogs can be friendly and gentle, they just need a particular approach.

Coydogs as ESAs

A cooydog is standing on the wooden logs.
Coydogs do not show their affection as other breeds do.

Now we come to the most important part: can a coydog become a good emotional support animal? Unfortunately, the chances are very low. If you already have a coydog that helps you feel better and gives you all its love — it’s a great thing but more likely an exclusion. If you are only thinking of getting an emotional support dog, we recommend considering some other options due to several reasons.

  • Coydogs tend to run away. It’s a perfectly normal situation for a coydog to just run away and come back home a few days later. It obviously triggers even more anxiety in their owners and means that they won’t be around every time you need them.

  • Coydogs can be aggressive. These dogs are not angry but rather fearful — they can easily feel threatened and start to defend themselves when you just want to hug or play so growling and biting are not the rare things while communicating with a coydog.

  • Coydogs need a lot of care and attention. If you get yourself a coydog, get ready to spend at least a couple of hours a day outside or make sure your yard is big enough (and there is nothing too fragile). Otherwise, the chances of housebreaking significantly increase. Besides, coydogs eat a lot and prefer raw meat to any other food so their diet can cost a pretty penny.

To cut it short, coydogs are perfect when you need someone to guard your house or to be your enthusiastic hunt companion but they are not calm and stable enough to be reliable ESAs. Get a coydog only if you are ready to give it your full attention and have enough facilities to provide the needed space and care to this active dog.

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