A mini horse is standing on the grass.

Why mini-horses are excellent emotional support animals

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About fifteen years ago, charming toys "my little pony" appeared on sale – multi-colored horses with luxurious manes and all kinds of hairpins, combs, and even a hairdryer in the kit. Looking at mini-horses, involuntarily, this comparison comes to mind. However, mini-horses are quite real and can not only bring joy to children but also heal them, and for a blind person, they can become a reliable support and faithful assistant.

Demand for miniature horses is steadily growing these days. The reason for this is both the compact size, allowing these horses to be placed in the most modest yards, and their lightweight nature, thanks to which they quickly get used to the owner.

These qualities attract more and more people who buy them for various purposes, more often as a pet and a lively toy for children. However, not everyone knows that mini-horses are magnificent emotional support animals.

What qualities of mini-horses make them wonderful ESAs?

A mini horse is smiling.
Mini horses are cute, lovely, and adorable - you will have fun together.

Mini-horses are not designed for riding and carrying heavy loads. Their function is exclusively decorative.

  1. These horses are distinguished by good nature and gentleness, curiosity and complaisance, calmness, and sociability.
  2. They get along well with kids and adults.
  3.  They are well amenable to training, and execute commands with pleasure.

All these qualities add a plus for mini-horses as emotional support animals. Let's look at the factors that give them benefits to this role.

The role of mini-horses in emotional support

All mini-horses are distinguished by patience, calmness, and good nature, unlike small-breed dogs, which are often more aggressive and moody than larger ones.

Mini horses very quickly become family members, thanks to their affectionate nature and great devotion. They can safely be called human helpers, not just decorative animals. They are unpretentious in care, get along well with children, and walking with them will be unforgettable not only for you, but for the whole NEEEIGHborhood.

Stress relieve – the best cure

A girl is playing with a mini horse.

Psychologists note that communication with horses improves overall well-being and helps to cope with stress.

Communication with mini horses will be advantageous after a hard-working week. In case you frequently suffer from depression, you will definitely feel the peace of mind and energy nourishment that these noble animals give.

Any communication with horses has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system. Even after the first acquaintance with the mini-horse, you will feel an unusual surge of strength and energy.

You will notice that your mood with each new day of contact, is less and less subject to changes for the worse. This is the result of the positive energy of horses, which surprisingly quickly affects humans.

Physical activity

If you want to keep a mini horse in the house, keep in mind that your pet should do a minimum of physical exercise daily. Without such everyday walks, its physical condition begins to deteriorate gradually. Such horses should be walked for several hours a day so that animals have the opportunity to burn consumed calories.

So you should take your horse to the old town road and walk until you can't feel your legs anymore. Though, be sure to hear nothin' except the words of admiration from people around you. (Of course, if you are cleaning after your mini-horse with a maxi shovel on the neighbor's lawn).

Besides the charmed kids sighing for your pet, during walks with a mini horse, a person does not just breathe fresh air. You cannot get stuck in your gadgets as you have to pay attention to your pet, so you admire the surroundings. While being fully present in the moment, a complete reboot occurs, the ability to perceive the environment improves. Positive emotions from such walks equal health and a healthy nervous system.

Communication with a mini horse

A hand is feeding a mini horse.
A few minutes with a mini horse can make anxiety go away.

A person who communicates with a mini-horse receives a lot of positive emotions. Inhibition and anxiety go away; a person becomes more independent and self-assure.

This creates the prerequisites for the restoration of disturbed nerve connections, the formation of compensatory levers in conducting impulses of nerve fibers.

A unique therapeutic situation is created based on an emotional connection with the animal.

Stroking the skin of a horse gives an amazing healing effect. An incomparable sense of unity arises between the animal and man; the horse transfers its energy to us, purifies our energy field. We experience pleasant sensations, touching a luxurious mane of a horse, while our state of mind and mood are improved.

Pet care as a therapy

A mini horse is standing behind a fence.
Taking care of a mini horse can be truly fun and amazing.

Preparing a horse and caring for it energizes and cheers you up, especially when such a noble animal reciprocates.

Mini-horse requires such care, as:

  1. Daily cleaning after walks and regular bathing procedures;
  2. Cleansing the hoofs of debris and dirt adhering to them;
  3. Scheduled visits to the veterinarian and tracking of all necessary vaccinations.

You will have to perform this care every day.

The therapeutic effect of horse care is achieved simply: you will feel a surge of moral strength, caring for animals – creatures weaker than yourself.

Always near

Mini-horses love when they are combed and stroked, willingly play with the owner, requiring communication and affection.

Besides, communication with horses perfectly normalizes sleep. Many horses sleep at night on a chair or a couch next to their owner with great pleasure, and stroking their stomach helps them fall asleep.

The strong connection between the owner and a mini-horse that is established while asleep can relieve a person from stress and increase the sense of security. The calm breathing of the pet acts as a sedative and helps to relax. Sharing a sleeping place with your emotional support animal contributes to good sleep, even if the mini-horse just sleeps with you in the same room.

Unconditional love

The love of a mini-horse to its owner is a prototype of unconditional motherly love. Such love does not need a reason; it simply exists and will always exist. Such unconditional love of an animal for its master raises human self-esteem and helps people feel more confident. "Animals are open-minded towards people," says Dr. Henry Feldman, an employee of the hospital medicine department at Harvard Medical School. "They just love, help us to learn to love them back, and feel more confident."

Mini horses are no worse than other emotional support animals could help to gain emotional balance, get more relaxed, develop confidence in others and oneself, and improve communication skills. Such a pet would relieve loneliness, reduce irritability and anger, reduce PTSD symptoms, overcome insomnia, and increase the level of joy hormones — oxytocin and endorphins.

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