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Why Micro Dogs Can Hardly Be Good ESAs

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Are you fond of teacup dogs? Do you want to get one for the role of an ESA? Then you’ll probably find it useful to learn why it’s not always a good choice.

It leaves no doubt that all dogs are the best friends to humans. But let’s face it – some of them simply can’t get in tune with the emotions and feelings of their handlers. We are talking about tiny dog breeds that aren’t always a perfect choice when you’re looking for a companion animal.

Why do we think so? The reasons are multiple:

  • The smallest dog breeds can be yappy and not very friendly and their character traits leave much to be desired.
  • They are often sold by unreliable breeders who take advantage of their client’s unawareness.
  • Micro dogs can easily get overexcited themselves so they simply can’t give you the needed emotional stability.

And that’s not all. Want to know other reasons? Keep reading and you’ll learn the main factors that make micro dogs not suitable for being your ESA.

Why adorable looks aren’t always the case

beagle head isolated on white

Today, you may find all sorts of teacup dog breeds on the market including Chihuahua, Beagle, Maltese, and others. However, such miniature types of dogs aren’t always a perfect choice for the role of the ESA due to the arguable breeding practices associated with them.

Sometimes cute looks of a dog aren’t the major factor according to which you should choose your future ESA. The thing is that the smallest dog breeds are usually purebred ones. And this means that breeders may treat them as products, not living beings.

Purebred dogs often suffer from a disrespectful attitude displayed by their sellers. That’s just because such dogs are usually reproduced for sale and they are usually valued according to their appearance and attractive characteristics.

What’s more, teacup pups are often born with complications. And there are many risks involved in the breeding process. However, this doesn’t stop breeders from producing these kinds of pups and their methods are sometimes cruel and violent.

In fact, the process may also involve fraudulent activities and the whole industry of breeding teacup dogs isn’t a fair one. That’s why sometimes it’s better not to meddle with this kind of business at all to save your nerves and conscience.

The bad character of micro dogs: Can you deal with it?

Unhappy doggy
Such dogs frequently need emotional support more than their owners

One more reason why tiny dog breeds aren’t suitable for the ESA role is the fact that they often have bad character and may even suffer from anxiety themselves. And for this reason, they simply won’t help you with your mental problems.

On the contrary, such dogs can often be very yappy, irritating and annoying which is why they won’t be of much help when you have depression or anxiety, let alone some more serious disorders.

One more drawback of these pups is that they can be very reluctant to training and their stubbornness sometimes goes beyond all limits. Some people even claim that they have psychological problems themselves due to their small size and the lack of some attractive features peculiar to larger dog breeds.

Do micro dogs suffer from the Napoleon Complex? Perhaps yes. But in any case, they aren’t the best candidates for such an important duty as being an emotional support animal. That’s the major trouble that you may face with the small dog breeds and this is something you can’t handle at your own will.

Tiny pups are sensitive to health problems
Sad dog pug in a checkered blanket is sick and lies with a thermometer

Teacup pets are more vulnerable to health problems

Although every dog breed is vulnerable to specific diseases, the list of health problems faced by teacup dogs is almost endless. They may include:

  • Health issues provoked by the excessively small size – these are usually caused by the inappropriate treatment of unreliable breeders who take advantage of their practices at the expense of the dog’s health.
  • Low blood sugar levels – such a problem may provoke convulsions and may even lead to fatal consequences.
  • Digestive troubles – teacups should be given food many times a day in order to prevent life-threatening health conditions or, at the very least, some digestive disorders.
  • Heart problems and respiratory disorders – these are also common health conditions among tiny dogs.

As a result, every micro dog owner should be prepared to pay abnormally high prices for vet services. That’s not to mention that you’ll face much frustration when addressing your dog’s health problems. No one would want such a fragile pet, especially if it’s your ESA. After all, it’s your dog’s task to give you relief from your health problems, not vice versa.

Micro dogs are simply too delicate

Chihuahua in the living room
Small-sized dogs can`t even get on the sofa on their own

Never had a small dog? Then you might not know that the life of such tiny creatures is filled with difficulties. Just imagine – a petite dog can’t easily step on and off the sofa simply because the sofa is several times bigger than the dog itself. That’s exactly why your dog may require constant support if it’s of a small size.  

Besides, just like all other teacup dogs, your dog may be prone to getting underfoot every so often. And this may provoke injury. The truth is that micro dogs can get injured very easily when jumping, interacting with bigger dogs, or in other situations. Therefore, it’s never a good choice if you’re looking for an ESA, especially if you have young children at home who may not treat the dog with caution.   

Why psychological traits matter

dangerous chihuahua face
Micro dogs are easily prone to aggression

You might have heard that small dogs have a myriad of psychological problems. According to the existing studies on this matter, the behavior of tiny pups is often disruptive. In fact, they may show aggression and bark persistently when unfamiliar people or animals are around. What’s more, they may also be excessively active which is not always preferable for those who need emotional help.

In most cases, these negative perceptions are witnessed among the smallest dog breeds. And as a result, it can be assumed that choosing one of such breeds for an ESA would hardly be your best choice. That’s simply because micro dogs have a whole bunch of psychological problems themselves and it could be hard for you to teach them to behave properly.

Key Takeaways

With that said, it’s worth being very careful when selecting the breed for the role of your future ESA. The thing is that the breed of your dog and even its size can make all the difference. Come to think of it, teacup dogs have too many negative traits and it’s not their fault – they are simply not suitable for certain tasks and duties despite their cute and adorable looks.

The thing is that your ESA dog mustn’t be a nuisance to you or other people. And that’s why it’s better to consider what problems you may face if you take a micro dog home for emotional support. Just try to weigh up all the pros and cons before making your final decision.

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