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What Is the Best Emotional Support Pet for an Introvert?

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Introverts are usually not very energetic people who prefer to spend most of their time alone. These persons can quickly get tired of communicating with other people. However, that does not mean that such individuals hate the company. Sometimes, they can be party stars and a focus of public attention, knowing that they can return home at the end of the day.

It is known that people choose such pets whose character and habits correspond to their personality. In addition, psychologists believe that it is possible to determine the nature of a person by their beloved animal. Sigmund Freud once stated that people who choose a particular pet want to adopt specific features from them and learn something.

Introverts are able to distinguish the needs of their animals. Pets, in turn, try to adapt to their owners. Surely, you noticed that pets behave calmly and quietly in the house where introverts and melancholy people live. Introverts may well find their best friends among pets. Let’s talk about cats and dogs as the most common pets that have all chances to suit the self-contained nature of these people.

Cats – The Perfect Choice

A cat is sitting near the woman on the floor.
Cats can become best friends for introverts thanks to their calm characters.

Many features inherent to cats make them ideal pets for introverts. Introverts and cats have a lot in common. Both of them are very picky about who to love and to whom to show affection and tenderness. They do not rush around, joyfully waving their tails, like some other pets. With their owners, cats are fluffy balls full of kindness and tranquility.

Shy cats may well match the isolated nature of introverts. As a rule, cats are quite balanced, calm, and tranquil. Also, cats often behave as if they can do whatever they want, and they can get away with everything. This is because cats were wild before, and they did not need people at all. Owners of cats themselves love affection and attention, but they are not used to paying the same. Such people value their independence and freedom.

Some people believe that the calm composure of cats is a sign of their deep self-confidence. Cats do not require too much to be happy. For instance, cats are not interested in running in the park every day and sniffing traces of other animals. They are quite satisfied to stay at home, curling up in a teeny-tiny ball on their favorite armchair. Also, if they find a spot of sunlight to warm their hairy body, it is perfect harmony. Most feline needs are limited to food, silence, comfort, and their owner’s care. Do you think that introverts have a very different set of demands?

Cats are not pack animals — they are on their own. They do not care where everyone else goes, while they go where they want to. At the same time, they are not concerned at all what their owners think about them. The same can be said about introverts. Such individuals can see no reason to change their plans because of someone`s opinion. They like to live as they want and not reporting to anyone for their actions.

However, not all cat breeds are suitable for introverts. Certain species of cats are more peaceful, kind, and independent by nature. These are Persian, Russian Blue, British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Norwegian Forest, and Maine Coon cats.

Dogs – It Depends

A man is sitting with a dog in front of a laptop.
Dogs might be not the best option for introverts as they are much more sociable than cats.

If cats originally lived and hunted on their own, then dogs have always been and remain to be the pack animals. Typically, dog owners are extroverts who prefer to participate in public affairs and be involved in various events. Dogs are the only animals that can recognize human emotions and empathize with their owners. Scientists noted that dog lovers are more self-confident people who tend to dominate other people. Most people who have dogs at home are extroverts.

Introverts are the exactly opposite types of people than sociable and enthusiastic extroverts. They prefer to live in a calm and relaxed environment. These individuals can draw vital energy from their independent activity and inner contemplation. However, introverts also need pets and become very attached to their favorites. In addition to friendly co-existence at home, a dog can provide services of intermediary communication with other people outside. It is no accident that uncommunicative owners of dogs get to know other people while walking their pets.

Although dogs have always been best four-legged friends for all humans, not all of them are suitable for introverts. Some peace-loving breeds can become great companions for these self-observing people. More than 500 dog breeds are registered in the world, so there are plenty to choose from. The ideal dog for a quiet homebody should be gentle, calm, and affectionate. Such dogs can easily enter the personal space of introverts and become their best friends for years to come.

For example, a compact Chow Chow is a breed known for its blue-black tongue and fluffy mane. These dogs are the most independent and alienated pets. They do not require much attention or do not occupy a lot of living space. This dog will not run around the house and smash your furniture. Instead, it will be lying quietly somewhere, making you sometimes forget that it even exists. Just remember to brush them two or three times a week to keep their hair in good condition.

The dogs of such breeds as Newfoundland, Basenji, Cairn Terriers, and greyhound will keep you company during your morning run and relax in their place the rest of the day, looking at you with adoring eyes. If you want to defend the place where you live, pay attention to one of the guardian breeds, such as the German Shepherd, Giant Schnauzer, or Dobermann Pinscher.

Can a Pet Be a Nuisance for an Introvert?

A hand is hugging and holding a cat.
Once cats get care and attention, they share their love with their owner to the fullest.

Pets usually require attention and care. If their owner is a busy person or should often be away from home, this can be a problem. However, pets bring more sense and love into the lives of their owners. Also, they can provide a certain rhythm to the live of introverted people and help lead a more active lifestyle.

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