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What are Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World?

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Not all pet lovers are willing to pay a sky-rocketing price for the dog of their choice. But it so happens that certain dog breeds cost an immense sum of money being ranked as the most expensive dog types in the world.

What things make them so costly? And how much would you agree to pay for canine companionship and loyalty? To help you answer these and other questions, we’ve compiled a list of the priciest dog breeds out there. It’ll help you find out all about the luxury dog types that will make you pay a weighty sum of cash.

Why do some pups cost more than the others?

Truth to be told, all dogs eventually make their owners pay a high price simply because taking care of a pet requires many additional costs like vet services and feeding, let alone other expenses. However, many people love dogs and want to keep one at home to protect one’s house from intruders or just to have a friend for a company. And of course, keeping a pet dog may force you to cover lots of expenses but even purchasing one may sometimes not be very cheap.

Some of the future dog owners are even forced to pay thousands of dollars for a particular dog breed they want to get for themselves and their families. So why do some dogs cost more than the others?

In fact, the high price is explained by the purity of the breed but, at the same time, many other parameters should also be considered when the price for the dog type is established. In particular, the next factors may affect the price of the dog:

  • The ability to perform specific duties
  • The ease of training
  • The demand for this particular breed
  • The scarcity of certain dog breeds
  • The amount of time the dog breed has been in existence
  • The popularity of some dog types, etc.

All these things as a whole may make a particular dog type more expensive than other dog breeds. But even if it is so, many dog owners are still willing to pay a high price for their new puppy’s love and companionship.

List of the priciest dog breeds explained

So, what dog types cost the highest price? Let’s find out.

  1. Tibetan Mastiff – $2,500 - $4,000

A photo of Tibetan Mastiff.
A Tibetan Mastiff can become a good friend and a great guard.

This dog breed has been in existence for a very long time and it is also ranked as the largest dog in the world apart from being among the most expensive ones. It’s really huge and its noble expression coupled with an extremely furry coat is exactly what makes this dog a popular choice among future dog owners.

It may seem haughty and independent but in reality, Tibetan Mastiffs are also very affectionate and loving in relation to their caretakers. They are perfect guardians but they never come at a cheap price. On average, Tibetan Mastiffs cost up to 4000 dollars.

  1. The Samoyed – $4000 - $10,000

A photo of the Samoyed dog.
The Samoyeds are very clever dogs and they love their owners with all their hearts.

This dog type’s name originated from the Samoyedic people residing in Siberia. These pups are very fluffy but cost a really high price. Nevertheless, some people would say that these dogs are worth their value simply because they have beautiful snow-white fur, vivid eyes and a very charming “smile”.

As a result, they instantly win the hearts of their owners and they are also very smart even though they can sometimes be mischievous and a bit stubborn.

  1. Saluki – $2,000 - $4,000

A photo of Saluki dog.
Saluki dogs are true hunters, so it's not good to keep thein in a tiny room for a long time.

This is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a hunter-type dog. They can chase their preys over a very long distance and even on rough territories. In fact, this is also a very popular and widespread dog type that is often called the royal dog of Egypt. Its instincts are excellent, but it’s also very independent so you might have a hard time teaching it to be obedient. In any case, this pup is definitely worth its price.

  1. German Shepherd – $3,000 - $24,000

A photo of German Sheperd.
German Shepherds are noble dogs and they love to play with their owners.

Not all pups are as costly as this one but it is still a popular choice among future dog owners who are looking for a trusted family friend. This breed is massive and muscular. German Shepherds have no fear and they are also very playful. They can be easily trained to perform various tasks but this may require regular exercise. However, with a bit of training, a German Shepherd can turn into a great protector of your home and your most loyal friend.

  1. Azawakh – $3,000

A photo of Azawakh dog.
Azawakh dogs are hunters and they love to spend their time running and playing.

This breed originated in Africa but it can also be found in some parts of Canada and the US. This is not a pure breed but is a mixture of a guard dog and a hunting pup. It costs a pretty high price but it’s still not as costly as other expensive dog breeds.

What makes it special is that it’s extremely fast and can hunt other animals very skillfully. It’s also a very courageous dog that can pursue its target with ease. It looks simply amazing as it is very tall and lean. As a rule, this dog breed has brown fur and its appearance is very noble.

  1. Chow Chow – $3,000 - $8,000

A photo of chow chow dog.
Chow Chow dogs are good friends but they require more care with their fur.

This doggy comes from China and its major trait is a very thick double coat that makes it pretty much similar to a lion. It’s a very affectionate dog but it can be suspicious of unfamiliar people. At the same time, this pup is rather independent and it may also seem a bit stubborn. But it can still be trained rather easily to perform the necessary tasks. The only thing you should keep in mind at all times is to make sure your pup is groomed regularly.

  1. Rottweiler – $2,000 or more

A photo of Rottweiler dog.
Rottweiler dogs are noble and they are good at being therapy animals.

The representatives of this dog breed are very smart and intelligent. What’s more, they are always willing to perform all sorts of tasks assigned to them. As a result, they are perfect at being police dogs, therapy animals and service dogs among others. They are also very loyal and playful. Meanwhile, the price for this dog breed is pretty high but it is still a bit lower than the price of other expensive dog breeds.

  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – $2,000 – $14,000

A photo of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog.
Spaniels are so cute and adorable, they are great companions.

Spaniels look really cute and they have long been adopted by people as loyal family companions. They come from England and their major trait is friendliness and quick adaptation to new settings. What’s more, it’s very easy to train them while their goods looks will not leave anyone indifferent. However, they still require a bit of grooming every so often but other than that, they are not very demanding at all.

  1. English Bulldog – $3,000 – $9,000

A photo of an English Bulldog.
English Bulldogs are true protectors of their homes and owners.

English bulldogs are of average size and are also pretty muscular. At the same time, they look rather intimidating and exactly for this reason, they can be great at being protectors of one’s home. However, the price of this dog breed cannot be called affordable and may reach as much as $9,000.

  1. Pharaoh Hound – around $6,500

A photo of a Pharaoh Hound dog.
Pharaoh Hound dogs can become true friends if owners spend some time training them the right way.

The last on our list is a pretty impressive dog breed – Pharaoh Hound. It comes from Malta and belongs to the category of royal pups. Training of this dog could be challenging but as long as you train it correctly, it can become the best and most trusted friend for your whole family. Nevertheless, the price of this pup is still pretty high and reaches as much as $6,500.

Key Takeaways

So now you know all about the most expensive dog breeds in the world. There are many dogs of such kind out there, but the truth is that they are not just expensive but also very beautiful and extremely sophisticated. If you are a real dog lover, you’ll definitely appreciate one of these dog breeds and their price will hardly make you change your mind.

With over 400 dog breeds in the world, it can be assumed that choosing the best one might be a challenging task. Many parameters should be taken into account, but some people still prefer noble and beautiful pure-bred pups even if they aren’t very affordable. If that’s your case, just look through our list of the costliest pups in the world and choose the one that suits your tastes and needs most.

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