Do you have an emotional or psychological disability?

Do you feel that a pet friend could make your life a little bit better?

If yes, then you are lucky, because in Vermont, it is now easy to get and register an emotional support animal that can add meaning to your life and make it much brighter.

ESA: what does the term mean?

ESA, or the emotional support animal, is a pet that is able to provide his owner with needed emotional support. Seeing this definition for the first time, people usually wonder about the size and breed acceptable for the ESA, or about the training it has to pass. Forget about it!

According to the current legislation, in Vermont, you can register ANY kind of the animal as the ESA, be it a hamster or a peacock. Not even mentioning that if you have chosen a dog, you are absolutely free to get any breed you like, whatever size it could be.

As for the training, there is one more common mistake. People tend to mix ESAs with the service animals, though these are two separate categories of assistance animals. Keep in mind that service animals (mostly dogs) are those that receive special training in order to help their owners with disabilities. The bright example of a service animal is a guide dog. Unlike them, emotional support animals do not have to be trained. In fact, the only thing the need is to be themselves and to bring comfort to their owners.

Benefits of having an emotional support animal in Vermont, USA

Getting an emotional support animal in Vermont brings a number of advantages to its owner. Moreover, these advantages are not only limited to having a pet with you, as you might think. Having obtained the ESA letter for your friend, you can also save much money. Want to know how?

Two major benefits that you get in almost any US state are the following:

  • the chance to fly together with your pet without paying any pet fares. 
  • the permission to live together even in the apartments with “no pets” policy.

Except them, there are the number of other regulations that relate to having an ESA in Vermont. Do not hesitate to learn them all!

Key regulations on having the emotional support animal in Vermont

Every US state has its regulations concerning emotional support animals. If you live in Vermont, you need to know them all to understand your rights and limits.

Airline regulations

If you have an ESA letter, you are generally allowed to travel with your pet without paying any fees. Moreover, you have a right to take your pet to the cabin with you and enjoy the trip together. However, there are some important rules you need to remember:

  • Always check the ESA regulations of the definite airline long before the flight. Some airlines require additional documents such as the copy of your medical prescription. Have everything covered to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Make a 48-hour notice to the airline and inform them that you will be travelling with an ESA pet.
  • Make sure to teach your pet to behave well in public. If it is its first visit to the crowded place, your friend might become terrified or, even worse, aggressive. In this case, the airline has a full right to reject your application to travel with an ESA. If you have a dog, it could be a good idea to take Canine Good Citizen Training. Read more about it to check if it`s what you need.

Housing rights

According to the federal law, emotional support animals can live with their owners in any kind of rented apartments, including those, which had no pet policy. If your landlord refuses to provide you with a reasonable accommodation, try to explain the situation and acquaint him with the Fair Housing Act. If you are still denied, you can file a complaint

Though, in the case of housing rights, there act the same rules as with trips. Your pet has to behave well and you are obliged to pay for any damage to the apartment it creates. Moreover, a landlord has a right to refuse to accommodate you if your emotional support animal is a threat to other tenants.

Going to public places with an ESA

You might have heard that service dogs are allowed in public places, and that is quite understandable. Above all, the are undistinguishable from their owners because disabled people cannot perform their vital life duties without their pets. Unlike them, ESAs are not allowed to public places in Vermont. This rule concerns restaurants and cafes, fitness clubs, theatres and cinemas, etc.

However, if you are keen on attending public places together with your pet friend, you can always look for pet-friendly locations in your area. In Vermont, there are plenty of them, so you will have a great deal of choice.

Taking emotional support animal to your workplace or campus

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), service animals have a right to accompany employees to their workplace. Since ESAs are different from service animals, they are denied this access so your employer has no obligations regarding your ESA. 

However, if you feel that the presence of your emotional support pet can positively influence your job results, you can try to discuss this topic with your employer. 

Regarding taking ESA to campus, the same rules apply. Though you definitely cannot take your pet to lessons, you are free to live with it in a campus housing as well as in the any other kind of rented apartment.

Legal aspect

You already know that emotional support animals are not regulated by the ADA. So, what are the legal grounds for taking your pet with you for a mental support?

Firstly, it is the Fair Housing Act. This document regulates all issues that you might have when renting the apartment or trying to get your ESA to campus housing. The second important document in the ESA sphere is the Air Carrier Access Act. It defines the role of support animals in trips and describes their rights and obligations. 

So, next time you have any problems with ESA acceptation with the airline or the landlord, you know how to prove your rights.

How to get an ESA letter in Vermont

There are a number of companies that issue ESA letters in Vermont. However, the cases of fraudulent letters are still very frequent so make sure to know all the rules:

  • Your ESA letter should be written by a state-licensed medical expert.
  • ESA letters are only issued for people with mental or emotional disabilities that limit their work or everyday life operations.
  • ESA letter is the only legitimate document that you can get in Vermont. Never pay for any ESA certificates or similar fraudulent docs. 
  • Your ESA letter is valid for one year. Most companies offer a chance to renew it after expiration for a reduced price.

A good chance to get a verifiable ESA letter is to choose the provider of online services on GetEsa cooperates only with credible suppliers, so you will not have a need to worry about the legitimacy of your documents.


ESA letter is something that can give you more freedom in being with your pet friend that provides you with an emotional support. In Vermont, you are free to live with your pet in any kind of rented apartments or fly in the plane cabin together if your animal has passed the registration. Order ESA letter right now and make your life simpler and more comfortable!