Description: All you wanted to know about having an emotional support animal in Utah in 10 questions. Get your answers!

Utah is not one of the states with the slow and steady pace of life. Instead, life is pulsing through its cities! Quick pace is always fascinating because it lets you try and see more and more every new day. However, there is a drawback: you get tired. Or even exhausted. And lonely sometimes. Fortunately, there is the most natural way to cope with your problems. Want to know what it is?

A pet. Yes, just a pet, but not the ordinary one. The pet that will be able to bring you the desirable comfort and friendship wherever you go. Wonder how it is possible? With the help of the emotional support animal. 

Getting the emotional support pet in Utah is a common practice, though, before you start, you need to know the basics. Read 10 most frequently asked questions about ESA in Utah and learn why and how to get the ESA and what benefits your state provides for its owners.


  1. Do I need an emotional support animal?

    You do, if you have a mental or emotional disability that interferes with your social life and work. In many cases, getting an emotional support animal is the easiest and the most natural solution. It helps to deal with the following conditions: anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, panic disorder, depression, OCD, etc.

    Note that you are able to apply for the ESA letter only if you are no younger than 18 years old. 

  2. How can I benefit from registering my animal as an ESA in Utah?

    Emotional support pets have much more privileges than the ordinary pets. Above all, they can accompany their owners in trips, being able to fly in the cabin for free and to live in any type of the rented apartment. If you decide to register your pet, you will face no more need to leave your valuable friend at home when you are going somewhere. Moreover, you will be able to save much money on airlines alone.

  3. What animal can become an ESA?

    Fortunately, there are absolutely no restrictions on animal type, breed and size. That is why, getting a funny-looking ostrich or the friendly alligator are also some of the options. Not even mentioning that dogs and cats of any size can do as well.

    However, there is one thing you need to know in advance. Though every animal can become an ESA, it does not mean that you can fly with every animal. Most airlines have restrictions on pet type, because they consider the interests of the other passengers as well as yours. That means you will hardly get a permission to take your alligator friend to the cabin. Among the most trouble-less ESAs, there are, obviously, cats and dogs.
  4. Is ESA the same as the service animal?

    No, these are two separate categories that are covered by different US laws. Though both service pets and ESAs belong to the category of assistance animals, they have certain differences.

    Service pets help people with physical disabilities or visual impairments have a normal life. They are their owners` eyes, ears and arms. Moreover, the main thing about them is that service animals are always trained, because they need to complete difficult tasks. Not every animal can become a service one. In most cases, this term only refers to dogs, though mini-horses also can do well.

    As for emotional support animal, the requirements are different. Firstly, their owners do not need to have any noticeable disability, instead, it can be only the way they feel. Secondly, as it was mentioned before, any animal can become an ESA. And the last thing, emotional support animals need no training to bring comfort to their owners.

  5. Where is my ESA allowed in Utah?

    According to a federal and Utah state legislation, emotional support animals are allowed in any kind of rented apartments if they do not bring a significant discomfort to the landlord. This also includes the college and university campus as well. Next, you can certainly take ESA with you in any kind of your trip, even if it supposes using a plane.

    However, there are places where ESAs are not generally allowed. This includes all public places (cafes and restaurants, cinemas, theatres, etc.) and the workplace. This does not mean that ESA presence is prohibited in these places, it only means that for the place owner, it is not obligatory to let your ESA in.

  6. How can I register my pet to become an ESA?

    The only thing you need is the ESA letter issued by the state-licensed medical professional. The most convenient way to do it is to apply to the trusted online service that provides ESA consultations of physicians, psychologists and other medical specialists to their clients. Make sure to choose the service that works in your state; otherwise, your ESA letter might not be valid.

    Getting a letter is easy if you know the trusted service. The only thing you need to do to apply is to fill in the registration form where you describe the specific character of your mental or emotional disability. Then, the medical specialist will get an interview with you and will either approve or reject your claim.

  7. Is it legitimate to register and use ESA letters in Utah?

    No need to get concerned, ESA letters are legitimate over the whole US territory since this topic gets covered not by the state but by the federal laws. Among them, there are Fair Housing Act (housing rights you get with your ESA), and Air Carrier Access Act (concerns flying with an ESA). Though many people believe that ESA rights are listed in the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is not true. This documents only covers service animals and has no relation to the ESAs.

    The other question is whether one or the other online platform in Utah can issue this letter. Since there are too many companies that issue fraudulent letters, it is better to think twice before choosing the right one. Remember three things: first, the service must be HIPPA compliant. Secondly, it needs to provide services that are not limited to issuing letters, but also include the examinations (online) of one or few medical specialists. And the last thing, the document they issue needs to be named “Emotional Support Animal Letter”. If they offer you the ESA registry or certificate, keep away.

  8. Can I get more than one emotional support pet?

    Current legislation does not restrict the quantity of emotional support pets you might have. Though, in practice, it is rather difficult to get two or more ESA letters at the same time. The best tip for those who is planning to get multiply ESAs is to arrange it step-by-step. Firstly, get your first ESA registered, and then proceed with the second application.

    One more thing to keep in mind regarding multiply ESAs is that you definitely need a separate ESA letter for each one.

  9. What about apartments with No Pet Policy?

    In Utah, there are many pet-friendly places but your choice must not be limited to them only. With an ESA letter, you have a right to choose ANY apartment to live in together with your pet friend, and the landlord cannot refuse you. So, the No Pet Policy simply won`t work.

  10. How do I fly with an emotional support animal?

    A chance to fly together with you pet is very convenient. Moreover, you have a right to take your pet to the cabin with you, so neither you nor your friend are not likely to get bored. Though, there are a few points regarding flying with an ESA you need to know. They are the following:

    - make sure your kind of ESA is allowed by the airline you choose;
    - always inform the airline about your ESA in advance;
    - check what documents you need to take to the airport with you.

    Having these questions covered, you will have no unpleasant surprises in the future.

Key Takeaways

Getting an emotional support animal in Utah is a reasonable idea, because this way you avoid numerous problems with accommodation, flight restrictions and, generally, make your life more comfortable. A cuddly cat, faithful dog or even an exotic pet will not only bear you a company, but will also make your life full of new sense.