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Travel Easy with These Top 7 Pet Products

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Travelling provides wonderful opportunities to see the world around us and experience amazing adventures. Moreover, what can be better than discovering new places together with the favorite pet? No doubt, your cat or dog will be happy as a clam if you take it on an exciting journey.

At the same time, it’s extremely important to make sure that the pet will feel comfortable during the trip and nothing will damage its health. Fortunately, there are a lot of useful items that will protect your four-legged companion from any injuries or stress. And the products described below will certainly come in handy the next time you’ll go on a trip.

1. Pet First Aid Kit

A dog is sitting next to the first aid box.
You should think about safety and health of your pet before you start traveling.

Remember that safety comes first and you should be prepared for any danger during the trip. It’s extremely important to be able to give first aid to your pet until you get to a vet. That’s why you shouldn’t start on your journey without a first aid kit for your beloved cat or dog.

It goes without saying that this is a must-have item that will provide you with such essentials as antiseptic wipes, bandage rolls, and other stuff necessary to save your pet’s life. Plus, a pet first aid kit isn’t just an ideal choice for camping and other outdoor activities. It’ll be a good idea to have it at your fingertips even if you and your pet aren’t going to leave the house.

2. Portable Pet Water Bottle

Once you’ve made sure your pet’s health is out of danger, it’s time to ensure it’ll stay hydrated during the journey. Unfortunately, it’s impossible always to have drinking water on hand. For this reason, it’ll be a wise decision to put a portable pet water bottle in a backpack if you’re going on a road trip or just want to walk around the city with your pet.

In case you need to choose a top-quality pet water bottle, make sure it’s made of food-grade materials. Also, consider whether the item’s capacity can satisfy your cat’s or dog’s needs. In case you manage to select the right water bottle, the quenching of your pet’s thirst outside the house won’t be a problem anymore.

3. Car Seat Cover

A dog is sitting on a blanket in the car.
It's good to have a waterproof blanket to protect the interior of your car during long trips.

A high-quality car seat cover is certainly one of the best investments for any person who owns a car and often travels with their cat or dog. It won’t just provide your pet with incredible comfort but also protect the vehicle’s interior from possible damages.

A reliable seat cover should be 100% waterproof to keep the dirt or moisture off your car’s interior. In addition, find out whether your pet hair won’t stick to its surface. And, of course, it should be made of soft and breathable microfiber. As soon as you discover an item that meets all these requirements, purchase it to forget about a dirty car as well as to surprise your pet with a new present.

4. Portable Bath System

Probably, you’ll be amazed to discover that there is a possibility to wash your pet wherever and whenever you want without a usual bath. All that you need is a portable washing system that works like a small vacuum cleaner. As a rule, such a device doesn’t require a lot of water and shampoo to wash your cat or dog from head to tail.

Furthermore, some bath systems are perfect for any length of fur. However, you should connect the device to a power source before the usage. That’s why this item is a perfect option for the owners of RVs, motorhomes, and travel trailers. Additionally, take into consideration that the bath system generates noises similar to a vacuum, so make sure that your pet isn’t afraid of such sounds.

5. Calming Treats

Calming dog treats are in two bowls.
Calming treats may make the travel more comfortable for both your pet and you.

Unluckily, it may happen so that your four-legged companion won’t be too happy to hit the road. A lot of cats and dogs are afraid of traveling in a car or plane. Such trips may be very stressful for them.

At the same time, professional vets don’t recommend the sedation of pets before long journeys of flying, because it may cause serious health problems. Thank God, there are special calming treats that can be life-saving products in such situations.

The treats’ formula includes potent natural relaxants such as chamomile or valerian root. They are absolutely safe for your pets’ health and will help them to feel calm and comfortable during traveling.

6. Pet Carrier

It’s possible to find hundreds of various pet carriers on the Internet. While some of them are designed especially for cats or small dog breeds, others are big enough to contain such pets as German Shepherd or Labrador. Nevertheless, the main aim of any pet carrier is to protect the animal during the long trip.

What is more, some airlines require the pets to fly in the cargo, reliably locked in their crates. Due to it, make sure that the pet carrier you’ve chosen meets the requirements of your favorite airline. In addition, bear in mind that it should be made of such materials as plastic or durable fabric. Also, it’ll be great if the pet carrier has a lot of ventilation holes necessary to provide the animal with fresh air.

7. Pet Travel Bag

A cat is sitting on travel bags.
Your pet can have its own travel bag where you will put all the toys, treats, and other things.

There is no question that you have a special bag for your outdoor adventures but what about your pet? Thanks to a special organizer, you’ll never forget your four-legged companion’s toys and accessories.

What is more, there are such perfect pet travel bags that come with built-in bowls for food and water. Besides, they have pockets, where you can store the first aid kit, pet’s documents, and different treatments. Also, it’s better to choose portable bags made of such materials as polyester.


Each product from the list has already proved its usefulness both for pets and their owners. Any animal will be thankful if you do your best to provide it with the comfort and calm during the long journeys. Besides, it’s possible to purchase the described items at affordable prices.

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