Rottweiler - the guard dog

Top 7 Guard Dog Breeds: Support and Protection

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Do you want to find the right dog to protect yourself, your family and your belongings? If so, getting a guard dog would be a wise decision. However, with a myriad of dog types out there, it’s often hard to choose the best-fitting one.

A perfect guard dog is the one that has an inherent ability to protect others from possible dangers. It must be sufficiently large, fearless, strong, faithful and easily trainable.

Below you’ll find all about the top 7 dog breeds that possess the matching characteristics and fit the role of the guard dog better than any other.

List of the best canine protectors with a natural sense of loyalty

So, what dog breeds are great at protecting their handler’s home and family? Surely, the best guard dog would be the one that remains loyal to its owner no matter what. It must also be:

  • Alert and watchful
  • Able to notice what is happening around
  • Obedient
  • Willing to learn new things and commands
  • Devoted and brave
  • Ready to display protective behavior instinctively
  • Taught to bark at unfamiliar people and fight away the intruders.

All these features can be easily developed if you train your dog regularly. However, there are some particular dog breeds that have a natural talent to protect others so they can make spectacular guard dogs.

What are these dog types? Let’s take a look at the next list of the most dedicated guard dogs and perhaps one of them will suit your needs and tastes most:

  1. Rottweiler

Rottweiler - guard dog

This dog type was previously used to protect cattle from possible dangers simply because Rottweilers are the best protection dogs of their kind. These are surprisingly smart and dedicated dogs that can keep off the intruders and learn new things very quickly and easily.

Some people think that Rottweilers are yet another aggressive dog breed that looks a bit intimidating. But trust us – if you want a loyal and affectionate companion by your side, a Rottweiler would be your best choice.

Of course, they are still rather stubborn and aggressive by nature, but they are true protectors by heart especially if you train this dog correctly.

In fact, if not trained appropriately starting from a young age, a Rottweiler could turn into a very dangerous dog. They can be really violent and their bite is very strong. But if not provoked, they are usually rather friendly and very loyal to their handlers. What else do you need to keep intruders away from your home?

  1. Bullmastiff

bullmastiff - the guard dog

These dogs have a reputation for being very strong and protective by nature. They are also very brave and devoted to their owners. If a stranger ever crosses the path of a Bullmastiff, the latter would take harsh measures to keep the intruder away and never let them penetrate home.

Bullmastiffs are not just loyal but also courageous and their very large size is rather intimidating so no one is willing to block its way. This breed, however, can also be very affectionate as long as it trusts a person who is taking care of it.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this dog breed is born to be a guardian. And with proper training, its instincts will become sharper so that it can turn into a really good guard dog for your entire family.

  1. Akita

Akita - the guard dog

This dog type is often ranked as one of the most faithful dogs ever. It’s courageous and watchful, and it can often be very suspicious of intruders or unfamiliar people. But this is exactly what helps it to keep an eye on its handler’s wellbeing all the time.

What’s more, it doesn’t require too much training but it may still need to be taught how to stay obedient to its handler. Apart from that, good socialization can also make this dog less aggressive. At the same time, it’ll sharpen its skills and instincts that are necessary for becoming a great guard dog.

On top of it all, it’s also a very beautiful dog due to its fluffy coat and smart face expression. In this way, if you get yourself an Akita to protect your home, such important things as devotion, loyalty, and watchfulness will be guaranteed. That’s just because this dog breed has all characteristics for becoming the best guardian to your close ones.

  1. German Shepherd

German Shepherd - the guard dog

This is yet another splendid guard dog breed of the canine world. It has no fear when it meets strangers and it’s also very faithful to its owners. This dog type has a strong bond with its handlers and will protect them as much as it can in all situations.

German Shepherds easily learn commands and are very active and confident. Training is a significant part of their lives as they need to stay focused on the vital tasks in order to protect your property and family members.

Luckily, this dog type has an in-born ability to perform the duty of a guardian and with a bit of exercising, it’ll turn into a great protection dog for your home.

  1. Komondor

Komondor - the guard dog

This dog type looks a bit strange due to its unusually shaped fur. It was originally used as a guard dog to protect sheep from harm so that you’ll hardly find a better guardian than this one. They are friendly and amicable but not unless they meet a stranger. In this case, they’ll do everything possible to support and protect their handlers by all means.

Among other important things, Komondors are large and very strong. They are also very brave and affectionate with their caretakers. Just like other dog breeds, they require proper training to perform their tasks successfully. But if you train this dog to be obedient, it’ll become a very devoted pet that will never stop showing affection for its favorite humans.

  1. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff - the guard dog

This large and intimidating dog is very watchful and has incredible power to keep off anyone who crosses its way. As a result, it may just as well become your best-fitting choice if you’re searching for a guard dog. In fact, this dog type has all the necessary features to be aggressive with unknown people but very easygoing with its family.

If that’s what you’re looking for, get a Tibetan Mastiff for the role of the protection dog and you’ll hardly ever regret your choice.

  1. Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer - the guard dog

The last on our list is a very powerful and strong dog breed that needs rather harsh and strict training. You’ll need to develop its physical powers and mental abilities and the actual training of this dog might require your constant attention.

The things that make this dog a great protector include the intimidating appearance, loyalty for its owner and fearlessness when it meets the unfamiliar people.

It was even named “giant” due to its very large size and it’s also a very active and energetic dog so be ready to train it regularly and consistently. With proper exercising, however, this dog will definitely become your most faithful guardian and the best supporter for all family members.

Key Takeaways

There are certain dog breeds that have an inborn instinct to serve the role of guardians for their caretakers. This makes these dogs excellent protectors due to their watchfulness, incredible strength and the lack of fear. If you too need such a companion for your family, it’s essential to find out everything about the major characteristics of each dog breed.

In this case, many things should be taken into account:

  • Temperament
  • Size
  • Physical strength
  • Courage
  • Ability to sustain the pain
  • Faithfulness to the owner.

If the dog of your choice has favorable characteristics, you may leave your doubts aside – it’ll become an awesome guard dog for you and your loved ones.

Ready to make your choice? Find the best-matching option on our list and get a perfect guard dog for you and your family.

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