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Top 5 Reasons to Take a Dog for Emotional Support

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Have you ever thought why dogs never stopped being the man’s most loyal life companions since time immemorial? Surely, they have their negatives: dogs require more daily care than cats and what is more, they make much more mess which could be irritating. In addition to it, they also eat a lot more than some other pets. But what leaves no doubts is that they also show more affection for their caretakers as all they need is to love, stay loyal and be loved in return. And what can be better than that?

What is also true is that a dog can be a great helper for people with mental disabilities who require emotional support. We all know that the dog’s companionship dates back to centuries ago. But the truth is that it continues to be a very effective therapy even now as long as you need some truly loyal friend to keep your spirits high. That’s the key reason why these furry intelligent creatures have become perfect emotional support animals offering many benefits to those who struggle to overcome mental problems. Today, the prescription of ESA has turned into a popular practice and not without a good reason. After all, such pets can improve your life quality, alleviate the signs of depression and even serve as the best companion on the plane.

Can you think of a better solution to feeling distressed? Probably not. And here are the top 5 well-informed reasons why getting a dog as an emotional support animal might be a really sound decision if you want to finally break free from your mental troubles:

  1. Dogs help you deal with anxiety and stress more effectively

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Did you have a bad day? Or maybe you are feeling down most of the time? No need to worry! Spending more time with an ESA will reduce the number of stress hormones and instead, will boost happiness hormones to let you feel better. All dog owners know that spending time with furry companions is a great way to get rid of stress and anxiety when traveling somewhere. This is a particularly effective therapy for those who are trying to avoid contacts with others and are not really fond of going to unfamiliar places or getting acquainted with someone new.

Can you imagine a better escape from stressful situations than having a furry friend nearby? In fact, people suffering from mental disorders of any origin often need some good distraction to make them stop feeling depressed all the time. Taking care of a pet and having a dog as an ESA helps decrease the levels of stress and brings the symptoms of anxiety to a minimum. As a result, you’ll stay calm and joyful no matter what.

What’s more, having a dog around will also provide you with a feeling of security to let you calm down easily in any situation. This is a particularly good reason to get a dog as an ESA which will be beneficial for everyone who feels anxious when going to unknown places or finding oneself in a different environment. As a result, you’ll no longer feel uneasy when traveling somewhere and the presence of your pet will produce a very comforting and soothing effect calming your nerves and bringing your mood back to normal.

  1. Dogs are very smart and always feel it when your spirits are low

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Of course, it might be funny to look at all the stupid things your pet does, but no one can argue that dogs are really intelligent. In fact, it can be hard to imagine but dogs always know what’s happening around them and how their owner is feeling at the moment which may also be helpful. It would be right to say that their intelligence can even serve as one more sense which offers undeniable benefits to their owners.

Dog’s intelligence is many times greater than anything you can expect from cats or other pets. Dogs are really smart. And every dog owner will probably recollect a moment when they’ve had a bad day and have been in a very bad mood, and at that very time, their dog would come by showing compassion and trying to let you feel better.

Dogs always feel it when you are upset and their key goal is to keep you happy no matter what or solve the problem whenever something’s wrong. They are really devoted to their owners and the compassion they show is greater than anything you would get from people. It’s doesn’t matter whether you are young or old – an ESA dog will always be by your side to help.

  1. Dogs are very cuddly which is the best remedy for a bad mood

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Do you feel lonely? Are you in a bad mood? Even if you are, be sure that your dog always has a good enough mood to cuddle in the armchair or bed nearby and let you feel a lot better. Indeed, the presence of a dog and their love for you are the best-ever remedy for feeling blue. Dogs wish to stay close to their owners as much as they can. Along with a human desire to have a companion, dogs are always trying to let you feel that you are loved by sleeping nearby at night or being around when you feel tired. 

When you see a cuddly animal, you always want to stroke it and this very action has a great therapeutic effect for dog owners as it relieves stress and improves mood. The affection that your dog sheds on you lets you feel less lonely, secluded or isolated. That’s why everyone who thinks of getting a dog to mitigate mental problems should definitely do so, especially because cuddly dogs are very good listeners. They will never make you feel uneasy about being in a bad mood or feeling low at the moment. Even if dogs cannot maintain a conversation or provide some advice, they would definitely not hurt anyone’s feelings either.

  1. Dogs are incredibly loyal and faithful

Labrador dog's head on unfocused background, closeup

We all have heard endless stories about how loyal the dogs can be and Hachiko is not the only example of unconditional loyalty. Even after the dog’s owner leaves this world, the furry friend will stay loyal to the owner forever after. This is another great reason why a dog can become the best-ever ESA pet if you suffer from some mental problems that could be really devastating and overwhelming. From a simple recognition to not leaving you in any situation and even protecting you from harm, dogs are very devoted to their owners and their level of loyalty surpasses all possible limits.

Such companionship can never be expected from other pets or even humans. While friends and intimate partners tend to come and go, the cuddly little friends will always remain by your side no matter what. Dogs are really faithful and sincere so if you need an ESA, you will hardly find a more loyal companion than a dog. Whenever you need help, a dog will always remain the devoted helper that will never betray you even during the hardest times in your life. 

  1. Dog’s love is unconditional and they have enough of it for everyone

Laughing young woman being licked by a dog

Dogs are incredible creatures that love you unconditionally – they really do! A dog will never let you down no matter what happens in your life. What’s more, there are many pets like cats and others that simply can’t stand it when someone wants to share their territory. And they tend to become really envious as soon as they reach a specific age. Nevertheless, this is not the case when we are talking about dogs as they are very different from other animals. They have loads of love for every newcomer and every new pet that their owner might wish to keep.

As a result, even if you want to take another emotional support animal, your dog will adjust to the situation and will show affection for every new little creature you bring to your home. Dogs also protect young kids and babies by sitting nearby and trying to ensure nothing bad happens. And you yourself will be warmly welcomed after coming back home day after day. Such unconditional love can be a great source of comfort for everyone who has mental troubles. Dogs will just let you see the colors of the world again and will make you always look at the bright side.

Key Takeaways

Dogs offer immense emotional support to their caretakers relieving them from stress and serving as perfect ESA pets. No matter what emotional issues you have, be it anxiety, PTSD, depression or anything else, a dog can become a great companion that you can always rely on. That’s because pets always provide us with innumerable emotional and mental benefits. And having a dog around produces such a great positive impact on the psychological state of a person that you’ll no longer feel abandoned or isolated.

There are lots of other reasons why a dog can turn into your best ESA pet ever, but we’ll finish all this by saying that dogs can never have rational motives. They never try to hurt anyone’s feelings or hold anything bad against you. All they do is care about how humans feel when they are around.

Getting an ESA letter will let you take a dog along with you almost anywhere you wish and you can even travel together with your new companion on board the plane! Remember that a dog will always be by your side offering the best support in any circumstances. Isn’t it a good enough reason to apply for an ESA letter? If you agree, don’t hesitate to do it now.

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