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Top 5 Reasons to Adopt a Chihuahua if You Need an ESA

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Dogs are man’s best friends, obviously, but they can be so much more, right?! They’re the reason we want to go home early from work. They’re the best cuddlers, albeit, messy kissers. They spend all their time apart from you wishing you were there. And borderline assault you on entry when you get home, with so much joy and love.

If you are reading this, you are probably considering Chihuahuas for the role of your perfect pet and emotional helper. They are small but tough creatures with super nice manners.  Though, what about being a friend for psychological support? Is not it a heavy burden for such a delicate dog? Alleviate your concerns with Top 5 reasons to adopt a Chihuahua if you need an ESA.

What is an ESA?

A dog is giving a highfive to a human.
Having a canine friend around the house is sure to bring laughter and love into your home.

Before we get started though, let’s break down a few key benefits to Emotional Service Animals (ESA). We all know actions speak louder than words, and our four-legged friends are masters of showing love. Having a canine friend around the house is sure to bring laughter and love into your home. Dogs have a unique way of uplifting the emotional level of everyone in the household (or on the street, let’s be honest). Emotional Support Animals don’t have to be dogs, but just think about what good companions they will make! They can help alleviate specific symptoms or effects of a person’s disability and improve the day to day quality of life. Let’s get down to the matter, what makes a Chihuahua such great ESAs?

  1. Adoption is not a tough challenge. It is your good deed.

With so many breeders out there and a lack of dog training, Chihuahuas are frequently found abandoned or walking in the streets. A lot of services make adoption easier than ever, with a considerably cheaper fee than going to a breeder. You could find your little one online, locally or from around the globe. Your fur-ever Fido is waiting for you out there, you just have to find them! With agency fees actually funding the work that goes on and not lining the pocket of even the best-intentioned breeder, you’ll feel great to boot!

In addition, adoption is a charity that will definitely benefit. Have you decided to do charity work and improve your karma? Just giving someone money to develop a project is the easiest way, because you simply pay off to do something. Moreover, not all organizations are sufficiently tested and indeed send all the money to the needs of those for whom they are collected. But if you take the dog from the shelter, then every day you will observe the evidence that everything you did was absolutely right. This proof will be your best friend. Adopt, don’t shop.

  1. Travel-sized!

Being small doesn’t only mean fun-sized. Your new Chihuahua fur baby is typically small enough to even fly with. Typically, the breed even makes for great road trip buddies.  Whether you’re jet setting the globe and have travel anxiety, or you don’t speak the language where you’re going, your chi-pal will be there for you! With all the spunk and personality, you’re accustomed to, Chi’s make a great stress relief when times get tough. The good news is you can take them virtually anywhere! The usual pet policies don’t apply to these puppies and you may even be able to fly with yours directly in your lap. Considering how many people stress overflying this could make for a huge shift in how we travel and how many people travel. Gone are the days of hoping your neighbor can watch your dog or relying on strange dog boarders.

  1. Squad goals

A chihuahua dog is looking into the camera.
Once you have a new pet friend, a new bond between you appears.

On the streets Chi’s stick together, forming adorable little packs, they form tight and loyal bonds with other Chi’s really well. Typically, they bond just as close with their owner, often choosing a specific member of the family that is their “person”. They can be so good with babies and small children, so you can find the number of cute videos with them on YouTube. These loyal companions will surely win your family’s hearts over in no time.

Communication with your adopted doggie, of course, is necessary for the full development of the child. This is already a well-known fact that there are hardly any educated parents who do not know about it. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that if a woman stays in contact with cats and dogs during pregnancy, the chance that her child will subsequently have an allergy tends to zero. And for a child, a dog is not just entertainment, it is a source of knowledge of the world. The child learns to recognize the state and desires of other creatures. Your child learns to take care of someone, and this is another reason to adopt a little Chi, who will be the best friend of your baby.

  1. It’s a Variety show

No, we’re not talking about a drag show at your local dive bar. We’re still all about dogs, and Chihuahuas come in a range of sizes and coats. Short hair that can be coarse or smooth, a hairless patch on their little belly or the fluffy long-hair – choose what you like best.

We know you’ve seen some of their majestic manes on Instagram. Often rescues may be mixed with any number of small breeds, but we think they’re all just as adorbs. They can vary so much in size that you’d swear some you could actually put in your pocket to literally take to Grandma’s! Toy, teacup, standard, deer head and apple head; with so much variety in one breed you don’t need to look elsewhere.

  1. A family that plays together stays together

Too often, animals are abandoned or neglected simply because an owner cannot take them along to their next home. ESAs with proper documentation can be exempt from a wide variety of travel and rental policies. Meaning your pet and his friends can stay and grow together. With laws and regulations ever-changing, make sure you stay up to date and know the ins and outs of the laws in your area. Most likely you’ll be able to move less inhibited by typical pet policies as Emotional Support Animals without any specific training required.

What to do next after adoption?

Two dogs are sitting on the sofa.
Training and teaching dogs can become the next steps after adopting new ESAs.

In the early days, you need to show your new friend that it can trust you - communicate with your Chi, play, do not leave it alone. When the dog realizes that it is safe and gets used to new people, you can begin to train and teach its basic commands. Do not forget to take care of nutrition in advance and consult with the staff of the shelter - they should know if your adapted doggie has an allergy or intolerance to any ingredients. You need to buy nutrition from trusted manufacturers according to weight and age. It should not be the cheapest one, preferably a premium product. A ready-made feed is balanced and equipped with the necessary vitamins and minerals - unlike homemade food.

For these reasons and so many more, Chihuahuas make excellent ESAs. They will lick and snuggle and paw their way straight to your heart. So, did we convince you?  Do you have your reason to adopt a Chihuahua as an ESA or did you hardly need the nudge? With so many Chihuahuas, and other dogs, being put down around the world, we hope you’ve made the choice to adopt your fur-ever friend today.

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