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Top 12 Cartoon Dog Names for Your Playful Puppy 

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Need a unique dog name for your puppy? Why not try out something really creative and fun? That’s right – we’re talking about dog names inspired by the characters of animated movies. If you too are fond of cartoons, the list of famous cartoon dog characters could easily become your best source of inspiration when choosing the name for your pet. And we are pretty sure that it’ll definitely let you find a perfect name for your canine friend reflecting its unique personality and individual charm.

The next guide on the best cartoon dog names will give you a hint on how you can call your pet to let it stand out and reveal its true identity. Get ready to plunge into nostalgic memories from childhood and start your search for the best-matching name for your furry pal.

Tips for choosing the best cartoon dog name

Three animated dogs are showing different emotions.
Kids and grownups love cartoons with dogs that have such lovely names.

Both younger and older kids love cartoons. And when kids grow up, they often feel nostalgic about the animated movies they used to watch in their childhood. The love for cartoons goes from one generation to another, and for many of us, cartoon dogs become the favorite characters. The dogs from cartoons might not be real, but they are all very cute and adorable.

That’s exactly why you may decide to name your own puppy after one of the popular dog characters you’ve seen in animated films. But before you go looking for a suitable name, check out the next tips to be sure that your decision is sound and reasonable:

  • Choose a name that you won’t be shy to pronounce when you’ll be calling your dog in a public place.
  • Pick the best-sounding name that reflects your puppy’s character and will suit your dog even when it gets older.
  • If you can’t make the final decision or are in two minds as for which name to choose, try to first create a list of potentially matching names of famous dog characters and try them all out with your pup.

List of top 12 cartoon dog names to suit your puppy

Do you feel like your puppy resembles one of the cartoon dog heroes? Then check out the next list of the popular canine characters from animated movies:

  1. Pluto

Everyone remembers this loyal friend and pet of Mickey Mouse. It’s ranked as one of the most popular cartoon dogs of all times. And perhaps naming your dog Pluto can be a wise decision as this cute and adorable character has long conquered the hearts of countless viewers. So why not give your pup a chance to share a bit of its fame?

  1. Scooby Doo

This is yet another prominent and world-famous character from an animated movie. This dog is distinguished by courage and bravery and it’s also a skillful detective. However, for the most part, Scooby Doo is hiding from ghosts or vampires that cross its way throughout the animated film. Be that as it may, he remains one of the all-favorite cartoon canines in the movie industry.

Do you think such a name can fit your dog? Then it might just as well be a perfect choice for your little pup.

  1. Goofy

Goofy is a legendary character of the animated movie industry. And it’s also among the most charismatic ones of all. Although he seems a bit clumsy, he has long won the hearts of the global audience and has turned into the most adorable pups on the screen. There are plenty of dog breeds that can match his temperament and character traits so it may become a really iconic and simply perfect name for your puppy.

It’s curious to learn that Goofy was initially called Dippy Dawg but luckily, the producers changed his name for a much better-sounding one. And of course, the name Goofy reflects the personality of this dog better than any other.

  1. Lady and Tramp

This is two absolutely perfect options for a female and male dog. Everyone knows this adorable duo as these two characters have turned into iconic heroes of the animated film industry in no time. Lady and Tramp are perhaps the best cartoon dog duo that we’ve ever seen on the screen so their names can be a great choice for a pair of little puppies.

  1. Santa’s Little Helper

The story goes that Santa’s Little Helper was abandoned by his previous owner so he became part of the Simpsons family and soon turned into the favorite cartoon character of kids and adults alike. If you choose this dog name for your puppy, be sure it will be a creative and original choice especially because it’s inspired by the world-famous TV series.

  1. Snoopy

Can you think of any dog name that would be more legendary than Snoopy? Surely not. This character is fun and cute and he never stops showing affection for his owner. That’s why Snoopy can be an ideal name for a male puppy of Beagle breed to which the iconic cartoon hero himself belonged.

Animated dogs of different breeds are looking in front of them.
The process of choosing a name can turn into an amazing pastime.

  1. Odie 

This is the victim and at the same time, the most loyal friend of an iconic cartoon character – Garfield. No doubt, it can become a truly amazing dog name for a kindhearted and cute little puppy with a charm of his own.

Odie is a very lovable and surprisingly playful cartoon dog but perhaps his major trait is a really enormous tongue that seems to be always stuck out. Does your pet like drooling with a stuck out tongue? Then giving him the name Odie wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  1. Clifford

This one may also become a suitable name for any dog especially because it’s the name of one of the most popular cartoon dogs admired by kids all over the world. This name belongs to a lovable and very friendly giant red dog. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that there are not too many dogs of such kind existing in the world but if your dog meets the characteristics, be sure – Clifford would be the best name for your pup.

  1. Balto

This is a brave and strong dog that represents a legendary character of a fairly popular animated movie. If your dog is powerful and courage is his major merit, consider naming him after Balto and you’ll hardly regret your choice.

  1. Huckleberry Hound

One more exemplary cartoon dog name is Huckleberry Hound. This one denotes a blue-colored pooch with a kind heart and unique personality. He’s known to have a distinct Southern accent and he’s also distinguished by a well-natured character.

Does your pup match any of such traits? If your new pet is kind-hearted and friendly, naming him after Huckleberry Hound would be a wise decision.

  1. Max

This name is short and sounds really cool. But most importantly, it belongs to one of the all-favorite cartoon dog characters so it could easily become your best-fitting choice if you’re looking for a suitable name for a puppy. What’s more, you can use different variations of this name that will all fit any pup perfectly – Maximus or Maxwell might also be a good choice.

  1. Bandit

The last on our list is a bulldog belonging to the Quest family. He is self-confident and courageous even though sometimes he seems unable to deal with real danger. In any case, this can be a very unique name for any pup and it will fit your dog perfectly if it tends to get into trouble too often.

Key Takeaways

Animated dogs are wearing different costumes.
You can watch your dog and see if there are any similarities with the well-known cartoon characters.

Choosing a name for a pet dog isn’t an easy task especially because it will be a very special word for your favorite animal. That’s why looking for the ideal name in the animated movie industry might not be a bad idea. Why? Simply because it’ll give you a chance to find the best name for your pet that will not just provoke nostalgic memories about your childhood but will also describe your dog’s unique personality better than anything else.

If you think like your dog’s personality has much in common with the personality of some popular cartoon dog, then why not name it after him? We, in our turn, tried not to miss out any of the all-favorite cartoon dog names on our list so don’t hesitate to make your choice.

And if you still have any doubts, leave them aside – cartoons and animated movie series are the best sources of dog names for any playful puppy!

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