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These 10 Signs Mean Your Cat Is Mad at You

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Cats are perfect communicators. And while they cannot actually speak, they are sure to show you what`s on their minds. You definitely understand when your kitty is happy with its owner – she gets closer, purrs loudly and becomes a perfect cutie. But what about the cases when your cat is getting mad at you? How to recognize and prevent trouble?

Why do I actually need to know that?

Let me guess. You are hardly the type of person that likes being scratched, right?

Moreover, when this special mood starts, it`s too hard to turn it off, so you are likely to spend your time in the company of the over-annoyed and irritated kitty. Isn`t it better to prevent the trouble before it turns into a conflict?

For emotional support pet owners, this information is twice as important. That is because good relationships between a cat and its owner are the basis for the emotional well-being of a disabled person. Make sure you know the signs of your kitty`s bad mood and ensure your emotional comfort.

Thai cat on white background (tail up)
Sign 1. She swishes her tail.

You probably know that the dogs wag tails to show that they are absolutely happy with everything that happens around. Do not mix it with the cats! With feline friends, it just the opposite. If you notice that your cat starts whipping her tail back and forth – make sure to keep away from her for a while before she calms down.

The cat looks around the corner
Sign 2. He keeps distance and watches you.

One day, you suddenly notice that your cat is not as playful as it used to be. Moreover, he is always watching you from afar as if expecting something bad from you. Yes, that too is a sign that your cat is mad at you.

Wondering what might be the reason for such behavior? You are not likely to guess. That might be the loud voice you had recently or the smell of the neighboring dog on your clothes. The best thing you can do it to avoid the conflict fully. Just give your feline friend some time to ease up.

A cat with his ears to the sides
Sign 3. Her ears are to the sides.

It might be surprising, but the position of your cat`s ears might tell you much about her actual mood. Take a look of three most popular positions and their meaning:

  • airplane wings – ears that are sticking out to both sides – that means your cat is irritated or ready to attack (it is not necessarily you who she will attack);
  • ears pinned to her head are the indicators of being scared with something;
  • in-between position – relaxed mood.

Little red kitten: fluffy and angry
Sign 4. He gets much fluffier.

The whole spectacle is great. Who does not like fluffy cats?

However, what you need to know is that this is the direct indication your cat has turned the “fight mode” on. With all his fur staying straight, he seems much bigger and probably much more intimidating to his enemies. In case you are sure this aggression is directed toward you and not the other cat around, run away as fast as you can.

Angry cat eyes
Sign 5. Unusual eyes.

Look at your cat`s eyes. If you see that they are wide open, and the pupils are constricted, it is most likely that she is angry with you at the moment. Though this is not one of the “dangerous-stay-away-from-the-cat” signs, it is certainly a thing to consider. It might appear that your cat is just upset about missing your attention.

A cat hissing
Sign 6. Hissing or growling.

Cats can talk. Actually, they might produce vocal warnings. When your cat hisses or, even worse, growls at you, this means: “Stop it right now! I don`t like what you are doing or the way you are doing this!”

The same sounds may refer to the other cats as well. Growling or hissing at each other, cats try to make their opponent run away and show their complete dissatisfaction.

a small fluffy three-colored Scottish kitten sits under a sofa covered with a yellow plaid. the kitten is hiding.
Sign 7. She is hiding under the couch.

No, that does not only mean that your cat is not in a playful mood. Moreover, she might feel the danger in the air: unknown people coming, bad smells, etc. The worst thing you can do is to drag her out from her hiding place because it is the direct path to aggression. Just leave your kitty some personal space and respect her needs.

Cat giving teh paw swipe
Sign 8. He is giving you the paw swipe.

You know how it happens. You play with your cat, and he places his arm over yours as if to stop your movements. People perfectly understand signals, when this paw is with claws, but what about the cases when you feel just the gentle clawless swipe?

In fact, it means just the same “stop-doing-this” thing. It is just your cat who is a bit more caring than usual and does not want to hurt you. Make sure you understand your feline friend from the first touch and does not escalate the conflict.

Closeup Portrait of Grumpy Sphynx Cat Front view on Black
Sign 9. She has “the angry look”.

You must know this look if you are not a novice at cat-owning. Slightly narrowed eyes with the scornful expression. That might mean that you did something unpredictable – totally out of the common routine. To change the situation, just stick to the daily schedule your cat likes so much, and she will reward you in return.

Dogs and cats snuggle together
Sign 10. He does not pay attention to his toys.

Even moreover, sometimes your cat can be angry for you offering him a toy to play. What is the reason for this weird behavior?

The answer is easy: he is just bored with the toys he has, and angry with you because you cannot offer anything better. Try buying a few new toys and see how changed his expressions will be.


As you see, when you understand the reason for your cat`s bad mood and know how to recognize a happy cat from an irritated one, you can certainly manage the situation better. Apply our tips for each definite situation and make sure you both get emotional support and companionship.

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