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Taking Care of the Dog: Basic Rules

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Dogs have been helping humans for centuries in almost every activity you can think of, from agriculture to hunting and much more. But that’s not all they can do for us. Today, many people clearly see that dogs as our loyal companions can also give us relief from emotional problems whenever we need it.

Indeed, having a dog pet around can ease the feeling of loneliness and let you feel better even in the most difficult times of your life. And there are lots of other reasons why you would want to have a dog by your side. No doubts, the benefits of such a choice are countless. But is there anything your dog can get in return for its immense loyalty and support in times of emotional stress?

The truth is that your pet requires as much care as you do. That’s why providing your dog with everything necessary is just as important as having a chance to rely on it in difficult life situations. And here is what you should do to let your dog know how much you care about it and how much you appreciate your pet’s emotional help.

Provide your dog with top-quality food and fresh drinking water

A dog eating
Ensure the balanced diet for your pet friend and don`t forget to use clean drinking water only

So, how to show that you love your dearest animal as much as it loves you? The most important thing is to feed your dog properly and give it enough water. This is a great way to prove that you really care about it. The choice of particular foods or treats depends on the breed of your animal. But on the whole, try not to feed your pet with harmful foods that could be dangerous to its health. Just make sure you consult a veterinarian on what particular foods would suit the tastes and needs of your dog. And you can also find everything you need online or, otherwise, go to a pet shop and ask for recommendations.

As a final tip, dogs are absolutely fond of meat and not without a reason. Meat products contain many useful nutrients so they will keep your dog active and lively at all times. Just remember that dietary habits may vary depending on the age of your dog. Thus, puppies need more food throughout the day while older dogs require a bit fewer meals per day.

Do all these things sound a bit complicated? Don’t worry. In most cases, you’ll just have to supply your dog with fresh water and high-quality foods to take care of its basic needs. But you should still make sure that you don’t give too many treats to your dog as this may only be necessary during active training. In all other cases, stick to the regimen and never fall for your pet’s begging eyes!

Never forget about regular grooming

A dog ready for grooming
You can either take the dog to the groomer or manage on your own

The need for regular grooming of your ESA dog is something you should never ignore or neglect. There are a few basic grooming rules to remember including:

  • Brush your dog’s fur

First and foremost, your dog’s coat needs to be in the right condition and free from any tangles. Why? Just because it would prevent excess hair loss and you’ll be able to examine your pet’s body and see if anything is out of order. If you are wondering how often you need to brush your dog, we would say it depends on how much your specific dog breed sheds. This may differ from case to case.

  • Take care of your dog’s nails

It’s never easy to cut the dog’s nails but it’s very important to do it. The reason is simple – it will keep your pet’s paws in order and prevent difficulties while walking. The only thing to remember is to make sure your dog associates this process with something pleasant. Otherwise, your pet may become resistant to the procedure next time you try to do it. Just give your dog a treat after you deal with its nails or take it on a good long walk as a way of encouragement. This should do the trick.

  • Bathe your dog regularly and brush its teeth

Both of these things are important as they are part of your dog’s hygiene. Keeping your dog’s coat and teeth clean will prevent infections, itching, bad breath, and unpleasant smell. It’s also a good way to keep your pet comfortable because such things as debris and grass often stick to dog’s fur and may irritate your pet a great deal.

Exercise and play with your dog

A dog catching frisbee
Exercise is the vital part of your dog`s life, whatever size and habits it might have

Taking care of a dog is not all about feeding and grooming it. You should also make sure it stays physically fit and active. That’s why you need to provide your pet with enough exercising. But again, the exact amount of exercise depends on the breed of your dog. Small dogs might not require as much physical activity as big ones. If you have a terrier, for instance, you might have a hard time trying to make it tired on a long walk or during training. And that’s a good point to remember.

So, why are exercises important? Well, apart from keeping your dog in good shape and burning energy, training and playing with your dog is a great way to connect with your little companion. And don’t forget that regular exercising is a critical factor when it comes to keeping your ESA dog healthy and fit. Otherwise, your dog may gain extra weight and this will make your pet too sensitive to illnesses.

But wait – there’s more. The most important thing is that exercising your dog will help you avoid such problems as too much barking, digging, and chewing, let alone other unpleasant habits. After all, no one would want to have a bored support animal with some really mischievous and irritating habits. The good news is that these things may only happen if your dog is left unattended so walk your pet regularly and make sure it stays active. That’s the key to keeping your pet happy and healthy at all times. Happy dog – happy you.

Give your pup enough attention and show your love every day!

A woman hugging her ESA pet
Always try to find time for your ESA since you are the one who makes his life meaningful

Surely, all of us have bad days when we don’t feel like being nice to anyone around. But that doesn’t work with our furry little friends. They desperately need our love all the time with no exceptions. Never forget how much you mean for your dog. You are your pet’s favorite human who’s making its life meaningful.

With that said, make sure you don’t let down your dearest animal by neglecting the basic care rules. Remember that your dog is a social creature which should also get the hoped-for support from its owner. Just keep in mind the next basic tips that will help you to show how much you love your dear companion:

  • Give your ESA enough room. This is especially important if your dog is no longer a puppy or belongs to a big-sized breed.
  • Buy toys for your dog and use them a lot when playing with your pet.
  • Never forget to give some treats to your dog whenever it displays good manners or learns some good habits.

Just make sure you treat your pet with much love and care. This will not only keep your pet healthy and joyful but will also strengthen the connection between you and your dog.

Key Takeaways

Now you can see that even though your ESA dog is responsible for your mental well-being, you too have a few very important responsibilities. Your most important duty is to take care of your pet at all times even if looking after your dog seems too exhausting and tiresome. Dogs will do anything they can to please their owners and you should show your pet how much you appreciate its loyalty. 

So, what are your duties? Basically, having a dog at home means providing it with good food, water, and shelter. And they also need regular playtime to stimulate their mind and keep their spirits high. All this will eventually build a connection of trust between you and your little friend.

But no matter what you do, make sure you treat your dog with respect. Remember that your dog will always love you and stay loyal to you in all situations so you should treat your pet accordingly. And this is the main rule you must never forget.

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