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Taking Care of the Cat: Basic Rules

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When you think of getting yourself a companion animal, the idea of getting a cat might not immediately come to your mind. Unfortunately, cats have a bit negative image as we often consider them haughty and not very caring. But that’s not entirely true. In fact, just like dogs, cats can be very affectionate and loyal, let alone they can make really amazing ESAs.

As a result, having a cat at home can help you overcome fears, stress, loneliness or emotional traumas more easily. At the very least, these fluffy creatures will distract you from moody thoughts and let you feel emotionally better.

But is there anything you can do for them to pay back for their loyalty and affection? Perhaps the best way to show your cat love and respect is to take care of it day after day. This will let your ESA live a happy cat’s life by your side. Luckily, there isn’t much to care about as long as you follow the basic rules. 

Want to learn how to take care of your ESA cat? The next guide will let you know all about the main care rules for your kitty.

General care rules for cats

Despite a common perception of cats as independent and aloof creatures, they often make simply perfect pets. They are playful and affectionate while looking at how cute and adorable they are can be enough to make us feel better.

But despite anything you might have heard about cats, what leaves no doubts is that they require a bit of maintenance. If you want your cat to live a happy and healthy life, make sure you take care of it and provide with everything necessary for its physical and mental wellbeing.

Do you already have a furry friend as part of your family? If so, you are probably excited to share your home with a cute little kitty. But to make your fluffy companion just as happy as you are, you should know how to take care of its needs.

Consider the next top 5 points about the basic care rules for new ESA parents to make sure your feline friend is happy with its new home.

  1. Feeding

cat near a bowl with food looking up
When selecting the proper food for your cat, consider its age, weight, state of health and activity level

As a rule of thumb, you should purchase only top-quality branded cat foods for your kitty or you may feed it with home-made foods to have the peace of mind about your cat’s diet. To determine what foods work best for your pet, ask a vet doctor for advice. Such factors as your cat’s age, physical fitness, and state of health may make the whole difference in the type and amount of food your cat should eat. Check out the next feeding tips for cat owners to be sure you do it right:

  • Give your cat fresh drinking water and don’t forget to clean and refill the water bowl every day. Fresh water is a must for your kitty’s good health.
  • Your cat’s diet should consist of not more than 5-10% of treats in total.
  • Choose only branded cat products that contain lots of proteins to keep your cat healthy.
  • Purchase cat foods containing a lot of meat like chicken, fish, beef, and others.
  • Avoid feeding your cat with human foods as they may contain harmful or even dangerous ingredients which may even lead to poisoning.

Remember that putting some food into your cat’s bowl is only half of the deal. What really matters is to maintain your cat’s healthy diet. And make sure your pet doesn’t overeat and stays physically active. Otherwise, your pet may become overweight which, in its turn, may cause serious health problems.

  1. Grooming

Woman combing her redhead cat
Brush your cat regularly to prevent the appearance of knots

A groomed kitty is a happy one. Most cats almost always stay clean and tidy as they enjoy cleaning their coats all by themselves. However, even if your pet knows how to keep itself clean, you should still brush your cat’s fur regularly. This is necessary not just to keep your cat’s coat in good order but also to decrease the level of shedding and prevent knots or tangles.

What’s more, it will also let you detect any changes on your cat’s body so that you can consult your vet doctor timely whenever you see something’s wrong.

How often should you brush your cat? It depends on many factors like how often your cat grooms itself and how long its hair is. As a rule, you might need to do it every week or even several times a week to keep your kitty well-groomed and happy.

But if your cat doesn’t groom itself regularly, has a long fur and spends much time outdoors, better keep a good brush and comb at hand and be prepared to use these things almost daily. And don’t forget that every cat is different so consider your cat’s personal needs when deciding how much grooming it will require.

  1. Litter box

A cat sitting in the purple litter box
If the litter box is too smelly, cats will ignore it, so make sure to clean it daily

Every indoor cat should be taught to use a litter box. However, cats can be very stubborn and may stop using the box if their owners neglect the rules. Thus, the first thing to remember is to put the box in a comfortable and easily accessible place. And don’t forget that cats are not fond of sudden changes so make sure you don’t change the brand of litter and don’t move the box unless you can’t avoid it.

Also, remember that cats might refuse to use the box if it’s too messy or smells badly so never forget to clean the wastes daily.

Washing the box is also necessary but you may do it less often. Only don’t use scented detergents while cleaning it. If you do, your cat may refuse to use the box simply because cats don’t like too strong scents. And make sure you buy a large enough litter box – cats often feel more comfortable with these ones. 

  1. Scratching

Feisty little kitten testing out its claws
Getting a scratching post is a wise solution for owners who want to protect their home furniture

Scratching is a must for all cats! This is simply a natural trait of every cat so you’ll never be able to make your pet abandon this habit. You’ll just have to put up with it anyway but to make things simpler, it’s best to cut your cat’s nails regularly. This way, it won’t cause any harm to you or the furniture. And to let it engage in normal cat’s behavior, don’t forget to provide it with a durable enough scratching post. This will keep it from scratching wooden things or furniture in your house but will still allow your cat to lead a usual lifestyle.

  1. Health

A smiling vet holding a cat
Make regular vet check-ups at least once a year to prevent health problems

Older cats do not need to see a vet doctor as much as young kittens. But no matter how old your cat is, don’t neglect this point and make sure your cat sees the doctor one time a year at the very least. The doctor will give you advice on how to keep your kitty healthy. What’s more, regular vet checkups will also let you deal with any of your cat’s health problems timely.

You may also ask the doctor about any health risks your cat may face. And don’t forget about regular dental cleaning. Unlike humans, cats can’t brush their teeth and may not be fond of this procedure if you try to clean their teeth for them. That’s why make sure your cat goes through the professional teeth cleaning procedure at least once per year.

But that’s not all. Seeing a vet doctor may also help you get your cat vaccinated whenever there is such a need. And most importantly, the doctor can neuter or spay your kitty when it reaches the right age. This will not just cut down any unnecessary behaviors in male cats but will also reduce the risk of pregnancy if you have a female kitty.

Getting used to your life with an ESA cat

Beautiful young woman with cute cat near window at home

Now you see that although it’s always fun to play with a kitty, snuggle with it and simply have a good time together, you still have a few duties. Even though cats are not very demanding, you should always follow the basic care rules, and it may take some time before you get used to your life with a kitty.

However, cats, in their turn, also require a longer time to adjust to unfamiliar places unlike dogs or other pets. If that’s a matter of concern for you, get yourself a kitten, not an adult cat. In fact, the younger your pet is, the easier it’ll get used to your home, especially if you have kids or other pets.

Just give your cat some time to get used to its new home and be patient when taking care of its basic needs. Over time, you’ll find it easier to perform your new duties especially because it will pay off in the long run. Just think of how much love and support you get from your little companion so why not reward it with your undivided attention and care?

Key Takeaways

The rumor that cats have nine lives continues up to these days. But even if it’s true, there is one fact that no one can deny – any cat will live a longer and happier life if it’s taken care of. Indeed, satisfying the cat’s basic needs is the primary duty of every ESA cat owner. That’s because just like any other pet, cats need our constant attention and care even though they don’t always ask for it.

Of course, there are many things you might need to remember when taking care of the cat but with a little bit of patience and some practice, you’ll soon get used to your new responsibilities. Just make sure you don’t ignore the need to groom your cat every day, feed it with quality cat’s food, clean the litter box, keep your cat physically active and take it to a vet doctor regularly.

That’s about all you need to remember.

And we are pretty sure you’ll be rewarded for your effort a great deal. Trust us, your cat will be grateful for how much you care for it and will give you lots of affection, love and support in return.

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