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Privacy Issue: Who Will Know About My Emotional Disability If I Get An ESA

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When you have an ESA letter at hand, there will only be written that you’ve got a disability and require the ESA for psychological support, while no additional facts about your mental problems will become known to the third parties. What’s more, the fact that you have the emotional problem will only become known to landlords and airline companies whose services you are going to use in line with your legal rights.

Even though having the ESA letter allows you to enjoy the legal rights of an ESA owner, some ESA caretakers are concerned about the issue of privacy because they might not want their private data to be disclosed to the third parties.

Let’s find out what kind of details about your emotional problems might become known to other people and in what situations the fact that you have a mental problem might be disclosed.

Who will find out that you have an emotional problem?

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People can see you with an animal but they will never know any details about your emotional disability.

Before we examine who will get to know the details about your mental troubles, it’s worth taking a look at the rights and privileges that you’ll get when you become the ESA owner. Thus, when you get the ESA letter, you’ll be able to enjoy such legal rights as:

However, you won’t be able to access public places with the ESA, including the workplace and school premises. Be that as it may, in all these cases, the private details about your emotional disability will be protected and will not be disclosed to anyone.

How does it work? The truth is that the ESA letter describes only the fact that you have some kind of emotional disability, but it doesn’t contain any further explanations about:

  • What kind of disability you have;
  • What symptoms you suffer from;
  • Other confidential details about your mental troubles.

On the other hand, the ESA letter will also validate the fact that the ESA actually helps you with your disability because it gives you emotional support. Such information will prove that you really need the ESA for psychological help according to what your mental health doctor has prescribed to you. Basically, it will approve the fact that your emotional disability requires you to have the ESA as it helps you fight its symptoms.

What other details will become known to third parties?

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Private details about you or your disorders will be confidential and it shouldn't be disclosed.

No other private details are going to be disclosed to the airline companies or landlords when you are traveling with the ESA or renting a no-pet apartment. As a result, according to the laws, the private information about your specific mental problems will remain confidential in all cases and won’t become known to anyone.

This is mainly explained by the fact that there is much discrimination in the sphere of mental health. Besides, the privacy of a person must be protected according to the law and therefore the private details must not be revealed to other individuals due to the risk of their misuse.

Luckily, when it comes to emotional problems of ESA owners, no specific details will become known to anyone aside from the fact that you have a mental problem and need the ESA for emotional support.

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