Description: Main benefits of getting an emotional support animal in New Mexico, USA. How to get ESA letter in the state.

Are you interested in getting an emotional support animal in New Mexico?

If yes, then you have to get well-informed about the state laws and regulations before you make this important decision. Learn what you are and are not allowed to do with your emotional support pet and consider all the pros and cons. Read along and we`ll make this covered.

Important: do not mix the terms!

The most common misunderstanding in the field is when people mix the terms “emotional support animal” (ESA for short) and “service animals”. Why is it important?

Simply because in Mew Mexico, there are different rules for each of these categories. For example, you can take your service dog to work, but it won`t do if your pet is an ESA. So, how to distinguish between them? Check the main differences.

Service animals:

  • are trained to perform specific tasks;
  • usually help people with physical disabilities;
  • can be either a dog or a miniature horse;
  • wear service pet vests.

Example: a guide dog for a blind owner.

Emotional support animals:

Example: a cuddly cat you love so much.

How can I benefit from getting the ESA in New Mexico?

Now that you know what emotional support animal is, your next question is likely to be “Why would I ever want to have my pet registered?” Below you can find top 3 reasons why people prefer registering their animal friends as emotional support animals.

To save money.

Yes, you heard it right. Do you know how much a plane ticket for a pet cost? Sometimes, it can be even more than you pay for your ticket. And that`s only in the lucky case when your pet is accepted at all. Instead, if you register your pet as the ESA, you can fly with it without paying for a pet. Same is about apartment. With ESA letter, you do not have to pay any pet deposits and pet fees. The only thing you have to do is to make sure your animal behaves well.

To enliven your social life and become more active.

Dogs are best for this purpose. People with emotional disabilities might suffer from depression and lack of social interactions. If you have a dog, these problems get eliminated in the most natural way. Firstly, everyday walks become a necessity so you gain lots of fresh air, activeness and a good mood. Secondly, you get a chance to get easily acquainted with the other dog owners and maybe find new friends. That is why dogs are the best prescription for depressed, lonely or over-anxious people.

To love and get loved in return.

Sometimes, one can be lonely even in a crowd. In this case, emotional support animal is a solution, because it is able to love you unconditionally. Take a pet and you can be sure to find a loving friend always waiting for your hug. It can support you through the difficult periods of your life and increase your happiness in the bright ones. 

If you have already understood that emotional support pet is just what you need, let`s see how you can get it in New Mexico.

Getting an ESA letter in New Mexico: the process

In New Mexico, getting the emotional support animal letter can become an easy and effortless activity if you use an online telemedicine service. Benefits are obvious: saving much time and efforts. However, is it entirely safe? and will this letter be legitimate?

Troubles away. If the service you choose is HIPPA compliant and state licensed, you can freely make an effort. The only thing to keep in mind will be not to mix ESA letter with ESA registry or ESA certificate. The last two documents are simply a fraud and so they have no legal power.

So, what is the process of getting ESA letter online?

Step 1. Application.

As soon as you chose the provider of online services, go ahead and make an application. For that aim, you need to fill in the registration form where there usually are questions about your emotional or mental disability that will let the medical specialists correctly evaluate your condition. This stage will only take no more than ten minutes of your time. 

Step 2. Interview.

Your application is being considered. That is why a medical specialist needs to have an interview to discuss the details of your disability and make sure that emotional support animal is the right treatment for you.

Step 3. Approval.

In case your application gets approved, you get a notification to pay for emotional support animal letter. Keep in mind that it has to happen only after approval, never before. If the company demands money from you before any interview or approval, keep away from it. 

Step 4. Getting the ESA letter.

In addition to the original ESA letter that is sent to you by post, most companies also offer you a digital copy that comes to your e-mail right after the confirmation. It is a very useful option so do not miss it! 

With your ESA letter in hand, now it`s time to enjoy the benefits!

Key regulations regarding ESAs in New Mexico state

Each state has its own regulations regarding where ESAs are and are not allowed to go. In New Mexico, the rules are basic:

  • You can take your ESA to trips with you that includes living in any kind of apartment and travelling by plane.
  • You cannot take your ESA to workplace and public places. Though, you can always try to get the place owner`s permission in advance or simply choose pet-friendly locations.


If you have a pet in New Mexico, and it helps you forget about your disability, it is time to think about registering it as the emotional support animal. This simple measure will save you much time and trouble, and will bring you the undeniable benefits: love, friendship and support.