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Multiple ESAs: Are There Any Restrictions?

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To cut the long story short, no. There are no restrictions on how many emotional support animals you can have but there are some caveats to that.


First, when it comes to flying, the Department of Transportation states that you can take only one to the plain cabin free of charge. If you have more than one, all additional ESAs have to travel like the regular pets do, in the luggage compartment. Airlines aim to allow ESAs to reduce the stress and anxiety of people with mental conditions. The stress of having animals travel in the luggage compartment has been left unaccounted for, unfortunately.


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You can stay in the apartment with multiple ESAs if the accomodation is reasonable

When it comes to renting an apartment, there is no clear explanation of how many ESAs is too much. The department of Housing and Urban Development determines it on a case by case basis. They approach it from the standpoint of what is reasonable to expect from a landlord to accommodate. Here is the full joint DOJ and HUD statement on it, but it doesn’t clarify the question too much. For instance, 2-3 cats will probably be allowed while having 20 will be a problem, but what about in-betweens? They obviously take into consideration property size, so having multiple ESA mastiffs in a tiny apartment can be a problem. The only general suggestion here is, please use common sense and it will probably be fine.

Taking care

Also, consider that it gets harder to manage and care for multiple animals, and the potential for havoc increases with every one of them. Neglecting and failing to look after emotional support animals, or causing extensive damage to the property can be a ground for eviction. So, please consider how many ESAs you can reasonably stay on the top of. But apart from that, having multiple animals is a complete pleasure. They can play with each other, it makes their life more wholesome as well as the whole experience for an owner a lot more fun.

But what we’ve previously mentioned only concerns a rented property. There’s hardly a limit on how many you can have on your own. A Vietnam veteran named Karl Mitchell from Nevada has 10 ESA tigers on his ranch, although he is in a legal battle with a county government over an exotic animal fee he doesn't want to pay.

Do you need an ESA letter for every one of your multiple ESAs?

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You need to get a separate ESA letter for each pet

An ESA letter is a document written by a licensed psychotherapist, psychiatrist general physician counselor or a mental health social worker in your state. In it, they vouch that you have a recognized mental health disorder and are in need of an emotional support animal. And yes, you do need one for each of your ESAs! And it is not hard to get them at all, especially, if you already have one. You already qualify for it, have a mental condition diagnosed. If not, it’s not any harder anyway. And to make it easier, you can use our service as we aspire to make it as simple and hustle-free as possible, and we also have a money-back guarantee. We wish you all the best with your one or many ESAs!

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