Description: Learn the laws about emotional support animals in Idaho and what you need to register your pet as an ESA.

Look around, service animals along with emotional support animals have become more prevalent in the USA. As a result, there’s a trend of people applying for emotional support animal (ESA) letters from mental health professionals across the country, causing the controversy surrounding the legitimacy. 

Do you know why it is so? What does ESA mean and how does it differ from a service animal? Let’s shed some light on these before you learn the ESA regulations in Idaho.

Is ESA same as a service animal?

ESA stands for an emotional support animal. Actually, it’s not an ordinary animal because it generally provides a sense of safety, companionship, and comfort to its owners. Plus, it is meant to treat depression and anxiety. Bear in mind that still, it’s not a service animal. Although both service animals and emotional support animals are meant to aid people to cope with disabilities, a service animal has more open ways to go in terms of public access and general acceptance. But it’s important to admit that a service animal must undergo a special training course to help people with disabilities whilst an ESA does not require this.

Already confused, aren’t you? Let’s make this easy by using some practical examples. If you see a blind man walking with a dog, this dog is likely to be a service animal. If you see a man flying with a dog and you can’t notice any visible disabilities, it is likely to be an emotional support animal. 

Now as we have understood the differences between an ESA and a service animal, let’s clarify why people do want to register their pets as an ESA. 

ESA letters in Idaho: the basic benefits

According to the federal law, emotional support animals are not allowed to accompany their owner to public places, if it is not a pet-friendly establishment. 

However, many people still do want to register their pets as ESA. Do you know why? Let’s find out. 

Registering your pet as an emotional support animal is simple and easy. Plus, it brings numerous advantages to both its owner and the animal, including the following ones:

  • You can take your ESA with you as you fly. Unlike typical pets traveling in the cargo section, your ESA can travel with you.
  • It’s free of charge for your ESA to travel with you.
  • You can book facilities with a non-animal friendly option and your ESA can stay there for free. According to the Fair Housing Act, landlords cannot ask you to pay a pet deposit or fee for your animal if you have it registered as an ESA. 
  • Your pet does not feel so much stress traveling separately from you. 

Undeniably, registering your pet as an ESA is beneficial for both of you, the owner and the pet. Simply put, you can travel with a cat, a monkey, a miniature horse or even a potbellied pig if they are certified. Now, let’s examine how to do this properly. 

How to register your pet as an ESA in Idaho:

To get your pet registered as an ESA, you need to visit a mental health professional with a valid license. He or she will then need to prescribe you an emotional support animal to help you cope with your mental disability like anxiety or depression. The letter from your mental health professional is called an ESA letter. 

In short, the following steps are to be taken to get an ESA letter:

  1. Set up an appointment with a mental health professional. Ensure you are approved under qualifying conditions, which include PTSD, anxiety, and depression.
  2. Get the confirmation that you qualify for an ESA.
  3. Get a properly formatted letter from the professional allowing the ESA. It is interesting to add that today, it’s possible to obtain an ESA document either in-person or using numerous online platforms. 

It’s that easy, right. Now that you know how to register your pet as an ESA, you can take it with you. But don’t forget to keep the following issues in mind.

Key ESA letter issues that are indispensable and might come in handy:

  1. According to Idaho laws, any ESA must be kept current on vaccinations. 
  2. You have to abide by local leash laws according to local ordinances and to dispose of animal waste. 
  3. Your ESA should be manageable, otherwise airlines or landlords can refuse your claim. 
  4. Before moving a pet into the unit, ensure you get the written approval of Idaho Housing and Finance Association
  5. When it comes to ESA, any animal can become an ESA, not only dogs or cats. Still, if your animal exceeds 25 inches tall (to the shoulders/back) or weighs over 70 pounds at its full adult size, it is unlikely to get registered. 


To bring it all together, there are many people with the emotional support certification who can’t imagine flying or moving without their ESA. If you have a needed legal certification indicating that it is your emotional support animal, neither airlines nor landlords will be able to deny you by law. And the best part - you will have fun getting to your destinations as you will be traveling with your beloved friend. Plus, getting your pet registered as an ESA is simple and hassle-free.