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How to Recover from Trauma with an Emotional Support Animal

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Are you trying to live through a devastating event in life but all your effort brings no results? Do you feel like you’re losing your nerve and your psychological state is getting out of control? If so, the chances are that you’re affected by trauma. Psychological trauma is something that makes you struggle with negative feelings, emotions, and memories coupled with the feeling of anxiety that might not go away for a long time.

When something bad happens, we all feel helpless and lose hope. But no matter whether your trauma happened many years before or not long ago, the healing is still possible. In fact, you can always find a way to cope with any stressful event and move on with daily life with no negative thoughts on your mind.

Seems impossible? Nothing like that! In fact, the easiest way to speed up your recovery from trauma is to get yourself an emotional support animal. Together with pet ownership, you’ll get the unmatched support and companionship. And that’s exactly what will help you to live through the traumatizing event without negative consequences and start a new life as quickly as possible.

How does it work? Below you’ll find everything you should know about how to cope with trauma with a companion animal.

What is psychological trauma?

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In basic terms, it’s a result of some extremely stressful or upsetting events that ruin a person’s feeling of security and make them lose hope and feel unbearably helpless. Any overwhelming event can lead to trauma even if no physical damage was done.

The traumatizing events that might have frightened you or left a deep trace in your soul include:

  • Accidents
  • Serious injuries
  • Physical attacks
  • Upsetting events in childhood
  • Life-threatening disease
  • Bullying and violence
  • Neglect from close people in childhood
  • The sudden death of someone you loved, etc.

Traumas that happened long ago may leave a long-lasting effect and it may be difficult to overcome it and regain psychological balance.

Symptoms of PTSD in brief

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PTSD is something you can treat if the right therapy is chosen

Our reactions to traumatic events can be different. But when bad things happen in your life, it may seriously affect your emotional wellbeing and you may quickly develop the next symptoms of trauma:

  1. Shock or disbelief
  2. Lack of concentration and confusion
  3. Mood swings and irritation
  4. Anxiety, panic or fears
  5. Feeling of guilt without a reason
  6. Social isolation
  7. Sleeping problems and nightmares
  8. Flashbacks about the past events
  9. Frightening thoughts, etc.

When there is a trigger, the negative thoughts, feelings, and reactions may occur out of nowhere and it may be really hard to cope with them. Luckily, there is one simple solution – to take an ESA pet home and get the needed support.

In fact, getting yourself a cuddly little friend can be just what you need when a traumatic event doesn’t let you move on and live a happy life. How can it help? Let’s see.

Traumas and ESAs: How to achieve quick recovery?

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With an ESA, you will always get a friendly support, enough time outdoors and new social contacts

If you’re struggling with trauma, an ESA can become a great addition to the standard therapy guided by a mental health expert. The only rule here is to choose the right breed and type of animal. This will guarantee that your pet doesn’t add up to all the stress in your life.

After getting an ESA, your life will instantly change for the better along with your lifestyle and outlook. This can make all the difference when you want to recover from trauma caused by some shocking event or other life calamities.

How does it happen? Basically, your life with the ESA will give you the next things that will eventually help you overcome the effects of trauma:

  1. It’ll keep you busy all day to let you forget about negative events in life

ESA pet ownership will keep you busy due to all sorts of new responsibilities that you’ll have. These include taking care of your ESA, providing it with good food, playing with your pet and walking with it, as well as making sure you give everything necessary to your new friend. Eventually, it will let you forget about traumatic events and become emotionally stronger.

  1. You’ll get a friend that would never criticize or blame you for anything

An ESA will be your good little friend that will never judge you or criticize your behavior. This is exactly what a traumatized person needs. And the reason for this is obvious – companionship is the most important thing that you might want to get when you struggle to overcome trauma.

  1. You’ll be able to snuggle with your pet and play with it to replenish the level of “feel-good” hormones

Playing with your assistance animal and engaging in fun activities will give you relief from stress and will boost the level of “happiness hormones”. As a result, you’ll feel many times better and will quickly achieve recovery.

  1. With the ESA, you won’t feel isolated from society

ESA therapy is a great way to make you feel less isolated from society. Throughout your life with the ESA, you’ll get constant support not just from your pet itself but also from the regular interaction with other pet owners. And this will help you not to feel detached from the rest of people.

  1. Your ESA pet will distract you from frightening or annoying memories about the past events

The ESA pet can distract you from memories about the traumatic events. As a result, they won’t bother you as much as before and you’ll soon realize that you can finally move forward and carry on with your life.

  1. Life with the ESA will give you a reason to spend loads of time outdoors

ESA pet ownership will give you a chance to spend more time outdoors, especially if you’ve got a dog that you will have to walk every day. As a result, fresh air and various activities with your ESA will let you forget about the stressful life situations that happened in the past.

  1. Pet ownership will give you a chance to meet new people and make friends with them to feel less lonely

When a person is affected by trauma, it’s especially important not to shut yourself from the outer world but to keep socializing and interacting with people. And if you’ve got a pet, you’ll get a chance to meet new people almost daily which will help you forget everything that bothers you as a result of trauma.

Key Takeaways

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In this way, ESA pet ownership can do magic to your life and it can easily become a very effective remedy for anyone who struggles with the effects of traumatic events. The truth is that this way of treatment will encourage natural healing and you’ll achieve recovery from trauma more easily and within a short period of time.

Among many other wonderful things, ESAs help to boost the levels of happiness hormones and decrease the number of stress hormones. Therefore, after a while, you’ll notice that the negative thoughts about past events don’t bother you as much as previously.

As a result, the upsetting memories, frightening thoughts, and other horrible things will stop troubling you and you’ll be able to flip to a new page in your life. Believe us or not, magic healing is not a myth and ESA therapy is one of those miraculous things that can help you achieve complete recovery in no time.

Ready to try? Then contact a therapist and ask if you can get yourself an ESA to recover from trauma quickly and without effort.

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