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How to Make Certain That Your ESA Letter Is Legitimate?

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Perhaps every cat or dog lover wouldn’t deny the fact that getting the ESA can be a great solution to one’s emotional troubles. But despite the incredible popularity of this trend, it has earned a bit negative reputation and not without a reason. In fact, this is mainly explained by the growing problem of fraudsters among the ESA letter providers. Such companies take advantage of their clients’ situations and offer fake ESA certificates in exchange for money. Obviously, no one would want to come across such a service as this is something you would rather choose to avoid at all costs.

Luckily, with a few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to draw a line between the illegal companies and legitimate service providers. And if you know how the system works and what should be inside the ESA letter, you would hardly fall for a fake document. That’s why all you have to do is to make sure you know everything about the ESA certification process along with the structure and content of official ESA letters.

To make things simpler for every ESA owner, we’ve gathered a few useful tips on how to differentiate fake ESA letters from legal ones. Keep reading and you’ll get a clear idea of what a real ESA letter looks like and how to distinguish a good deal from a scam.

What a legal ESA letter can give you

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Getting the ESA helps owners to treat mental problems and save on pet expenses

On the one hand, the goal of ESA therapy is to give you greater chances to recover from a mental disorder. On the other hand, it’s also designed to make your life a bit simpler and happier by giving you a few important legal rights.

That’s the major difference between owning an emotional support animal and keeping a usual pet at home. And getting the ESA letter is yet another important requirement for everyone who wants to try out the ESA therapy.

Why do you need an official document? Let’s make it clear – fake ESA certificates have no particular value. Only legitimate ESA letters can give you protection from discrimination and various other legal freedoms.

What to remember when getting the ESA letter?

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A reliable ESA service always offers a consultation of the medical specialist first

To be sure that you receive the legal document, it’s important to follow the existing rules with accuracy. Thus, what you have to understand is that there are many things to keep in mind when you apply for the ESA letter. Here are only a few of them:

  • Never fill out an ESA letter sample all by yourself. It’s the task of a licensed mental health expert to evaluate your situation and issue the letter. Otherwise, your letter won’t have any legal value.
  • Remember that ESA letters must meet certain requirements for their structure and content. That’s why it’s always worth to take a look at the template of the official letter to get a clear idea of what it usually contains and what the typical signs of its legitimacy are.
  • Try to ensure that you go through the process of getting the ESA letter in the right way. Just follow all steps one by one and try not to miss out on anything important.
  • Never use the services of companies that offer ESA letters for money without first advising you to get a consultation with a doctor. These are most probably scammers so the letter they will give you won’t grant you any rights. It’s just a waste of your money and time.

As a result, the only right way to guarantee that you achieve quick recovery from emotional problems and access your legal rights is to apply for the ESA letter and certify your pet. Fortunately, the process itself is not very difficult as long as you have good knowledge of how the system works and how to do everything correctly.

True or fake: How to tell if the ESA letter is legal or not?

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Fake ESA letters are not a rare case. Too many people run into scammers and get illegal documents that don’t really give you any particular benefits. That’s why you should know the difference between true and fake certificates.

To clarify this matter, pay attention to what kind of document you receive from the therapist. A real ESA letter must meet specific demands and contain the next things:

  • Your name and some other personal details
  • Approval that you have emotional problems
  • Explanation of how these problems influence your day-to-day life
  • Details about the doctor like his/her name and license number
  • Signature of the therapist
  • The date on which the certificate was signed and given to you.

Note: The letter must be written on the formal letterhead belonging to the mental health expert who gives you the document

Of course, no one would want to end up with the fake ESA certificate and that’s not what you need in your situation. That’s why you should never fall for illegal companies that offer certification services for money and give out fake letters. Just check if the letter you receive contains the above details and use your letter correctly at all times.

Is it legal to get the ESA letter online?

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ESA letters issued online have the same legal power

No doubt, it is! In today’s age of technological advancement, you can get almost anything through the Internet and it won’t be illegal to do so. Surely, the risk of running into a scammer is also high when you are getting the ESA letter online. But it’s usually much easier and quicker to get hold of the document without leaving your home.

ESAs give much support to their handlers as they never get tired of showing affection, loyalty, and love for their owners. At the same time, ESA letters are especially designed to give you several useful rights and getting the letter online is the easiest solution if you wish to save your time and effort. After all, in this case, you won’t have to go anywhere or see the therapist personally.

Just leave your worries aside and make sure you can distinguish a legitimate ESA letter provider from a fraudster. To do this, you only need to know how the legal ESA letter looks like and what kind of things it usually contains.  

Key Takeaways

So now that you know all about legitimate ESA letters, you can make your final decision and take a step forward on your way to recovery. The only rule here is to never fall for illegal companies. Remember that only licensed medical practitioners can issue ESA letters. And although you can get the letter online easily and quickly, you should first check if you are dealing with a dependable company.

As a final tip, make sure your letter contains everything necessary and is signed by only a qualified therapist. Only in this case, you’ll get a chance to use all the fascinating rights of an ESA handler and, hopefully, it will bring only positive changes into your life.

Ready to begin? Then contact a certified therapist and start a new life with your furry friend!

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