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German Shepherd: 10 Reasons to Choose It as A Companion Dog

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Do you want to add a companion dog into your life? That’s a perfect idea and you will hardly ever regret making this life-changing choice. However, the canine world is truly diverse so before you go and get yourself a canine friend, it’s worth thinking of which breed you want to see by your side most. That’s because the personality of your assistance dog is also an important matter.

But we’ve got good news for you – there is no need to go looking too far. In fact, we have reasons to admit that a German Shepherd can become your next best choice.

Wonder why we think so? Then keep reading and you’ll find the top 10 reasons why this particular breed can become an excellent ESA.

Why choosing the right companion dog is important

Cat and dog sleeping.
Select the emotional support pet carefully, you are getting not only the pet but the most trusted companion in your life

All dogs quickly become loyal friends to their owners and may even turn into the most faithful companions in one’s life. That’s especially true for ESA owners because in this case your dog would play a very special role – it will be your trusted friend in difficult times of your life.

However, choosing the most suitable dog breed is also a vital decision. If you struggle with an emotional problem, it’s necessary to have the right type of companion dog and the reasons for this are obvious:

  • It will guarantee that you have an emotional bond with your dog so that you can rely on your new friend whenever you’re under stress.
  • Only the right dog can bring the desired health effects and give you relief from your mental problems quickly and easily.

So, what dog to choose?

A German Shepherd can be the one! They can make excellent ESAs due to their calm and loving character and a whole bunch of amazing merits. What are these merits? Let’s see:

  1. This breed is faithful to their handlers and can learn new things quickly and easily

German Shepherds can be very caring and loyal and they can easily blend into your daily life especially because you can teach them to do almost anything. It won’t take much effort to train this type of dog but you’ll definitely enjoy the actual process.

In fact, this may be especially useful for those whose mental health is not in order. That’s simply because the training of your dog can serve as the best distraction from your mental troubles.

  1. German Shepherds have a respectful, protective and caring attitude towards their owners

Girl and dog on the spring nature, the breed of the Belgian Shepherd Malinois
Dogs of this breed do care about their owners

These dogs can protect you from any hazards simply because they are surprisingly caring and have a loving attitude towards their caretakers. With a bit of training and a portion of love and care, your pet will become your best ever protector from any dangers.

And the reason for all this is simple – they respect their caretakers and always try to defend their owners from any risks and threats.

If you suffer from such emotional problems as anxiety or fears, get yourself a German Shepherd and these feelings never bother you again. With such a trusted companion by your side, you’ll feel 100% protected at all times.

  1. These dogs are very intelligent and smart

This is a very smart breed that can instantly learn various new tricks. As a result, people often take it for the role of not just the emotional support pet but also the police dog or guide dog. The recent statistics say that it’s the most popular breed taken for these kinds of duties.

  1. This breed is very active and will keep you busy all day long

This dog breed won’t let you get bored in any way. That’s simply because German Shepherds are very active dogs that never get tired of physical activities like training and walking. As a result, it can make your best ever ESA as it’ll help you to stay in good shape yourself and it won’t let you dive into the gloomy thoughts.

On the contrary, you can play with a German Shepherd as much as you want and it’ll never show any resistance. This is perhaps the most energetic breed of all so it can become the best distraction from depression and other mental disorders.

  1. German Shepherds are great at being guards to their caretakers

Security guard with dog near building
German Shepherd dogs are great guards

Your whole family will be safe with this dog breed. They never let anyone intrude into the life of their owners and they always care about the wellbeing of their dearest humans.

That’s exactly why this breed is the most popular choice among the policemen but most importantly, it can also become a great ESA. It’ll keep you safe no matter what and you’ll forget about any troubling thoughts and annoying fears in no time.

  1. They have a long lifespan and rarely suffer from health problems

This is also an important consideration. With good care and a proper dietary regime, this dog can remain healthy for years. This will eventually translate into your own emotional stability as you won’t have any worries or concerns about the health of your beloved animal.

What’s more, the risk of psychological trauma caused by the sudden death of your pet is also reduced to a minimum. These dogs can stay healthy and active throughout their whole life if you take good care of your pet and feed it with healthy foods.

  1. These pups are great at being trusted companions

They have a very friendly and amiable character and they usually show good manners in public never resorting to wrongful behavior. Of course, they are not always friendly with new people but this shouldn’t be a matter of concern for you. After all, the most important thing is that a German Shepherd can become a perfect companion dog for you in particular.

The reasons for this are numerous. And the main one is that these dogs never stop caring for their caretakers and they always stay loyal to their dearest people under any circumstances.

As a result, companionship and unconditional love is something you’ll get in 100% of cases if you take a German Shepherd for the role of your ESA.

  1. It’s easy to teach this dog breed good manners and norms of behavior especially at a young age

This pup is very playful and you can teach it to behave in the right way when it is still young. Proper training is a vital consideration because it’ll let you teach your dog how to care about people and show respect towards others. And of course, these dogs can easily learn how to behave in crowds and public places. This may come in useful if you plan to take your ESA on a trip or vacation.

  1. German Shepherds quickly learn how to adapt to new environments and changes in the way of life

On top of everything else, this dog breed has no problem adapting to new settings or some changes in the lifestyle. That’s another reason why it can become the best choice if you are looking for an ESA.

German Shepherds would never behave wrongfully on board the plane when you’re traveling with your ESA. Besides, they easily adjust to unfamiliar environments and this can be particularly useful when renting a new apartment with your ESA.

  1. This breed needs lots of exercising which can be beneficial for your own physical health as well

A dog and his owner
German Shepherds need a lot of exercising daily, so their owners have no chance to stay inactive

This dog breed will also help you to keep your physical health in good order. Just half an hour of everyday training will translate into your own physical strength. You can walk with your dog as much as you want or you can just play with it in your free time.

But no matter what you do, your pet will keep you active all the time and you’ll be able to forget about your mental troubles more easily. As everyone knows, regular training helps to boost energy levels and increase the amount of “happiness hormones”. As a result, physical exercises often turn out to be the best way to combat depression and develop positive thinking.

Isn’t that a perfect solution for everyone who suffers from emotional troubles? No doubt, it is! That’s the key reason why getting a German Shepherd can change your life for the better once and forever.

Key Takeaways

Now you can see that German Shepherds are a really great choice when you want to get yourself a furry friend to keep you company in difficult life situations. And the benefits of such a choice are numerous.

This dog breed is intelligent, smart, loyal and very playful. And on top of it all, getting this particular breed for the role of your ESA will let you improve your mental health and achieve quick recovery from emotional disabilities. German Shepherds can make surprisingly good ESAs simply because they stay active for a long time and their energy levels almost never fade away. They are also not very demanding and can stay healthy for years if you take good care of them and feed them with nutritious foods. All these considerations are very important for future ESA owners so taking this particular breed home and making it your ESA can be a vital decision that may bring a myriad of positive changes into your life.

Ready to make your final choice? Then make up your mind and get started by getting an ESA letter from a certified therapist!

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