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Emotional Support Animal Letter Sample

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Do you want to get yourself a cuddly ESA pet for a company? If so, you should understand that there is no other way to do it except through getting the ESA letter. Luckily, the procedure won’t take too much effort or time but you should still be aware that there are lots of misconceptions surrounding ESA letters and the process of getting them. For this reason, it’s worth learning more about how the ESA certificate looks like and what’s inside it.

To make things clear once and for all, it’s best to find out all about the certification process and learn what the ESA letter usually contains. This is the only way to ensure that the letter you receive is official and you face no problems when traveling with the ESA or renting an apartment.

Ready to begin? Then keep reading and you’ll get to know all about the process of getting the ESA letter. At the same time, a few handy samples of the letter’s structure and various other useful details will help you understand how the system really works.

What’s an ESA letter and why get one?

The ESA letter is your unique chance to add positive transformations to your life and break free from any mental disorders that might be bothering you. Emotional support animals can play a great role in the life of mentally unstable people so getting yourself a cuddly little friend can be a splendid addition to the standard means of treatment.

Why is the ESA letter so important? Let’s get it straight – ESA letters give lots of rights to their handlers. Apart from getting the emotional support and having a trusted companion by your side, you’ll be able to enjoy many legal benefits.

Just imagine, the ESA certificate can help you gain absolute freedom when:

Of course, these are only a few merits of having the ESA letter at your disposal. And to access these and other benefits, you should make sure you do everything correctly and meet all requirements. 

Who qualifies for the ESA letter?

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People with emotional disabilities have a right to qualify for the ESA letter

In America, almost every fifth citizen struggles with some sort of mental disorder. And the situation doesn’t seem to get any better. But don’t get upset too early because you can always find a way out even in the toughest times of your life.

Are you one of those who have mental problems and can’t handle them all by yourself? Then get yourself a faithful friend for a company and break free from your disability once and for all. The first thing you have to do is to check if you can qualify for the ESA. To do this, you only need to talk to the therapist and tell him/her about your troubles to prove that you really require emotional help and the ESA letter would be beneficial in your case.

The very purpose of support animals is to offer relief to people in times of stress or when they feel depressed and their spirits are low. The laws, in their turn, have made it easier to get a loyal furry companion to improve your mood and lift your spirits when you’re under stress.

So, who can qualify for the ESA letter? The answer is simple – anyone who has a crippling mental disability, which doesn’t allow you to live a happy life.

List of disorders making you eligible for getting the ESA:

  • Anxiety and depressive episodes
  • Stressful events in life
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Fears, phobias or panic attacks
  • PTSD and traumas
  • Social isolation
  • Other mental conditions stated in DSM-5.

With that said, if only you have any of the above conditions and the doctor approves your diagnosis, you’ll be able to apply for the ESA letter. But first, you should learn more about what the legal ESA certificate should be like and what things it includes.

ESA letter templates in detail

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What is inside the ESA letter?

To make things clear and let you understand how the ESA letter usually looks like, it’s important to know what such a certificate contains. As a rule, the letter starts with:


Name of a mental health specialist

Address (city, state, zip-code).

After that goes the explanation of your health condition together with the reasons why you need an emotional support animal and in what ways it can be helpful. The samples of letters for airlines and landlords may slightly differ but as a rule, they all meet the next demands:

  • Legitimate ESA letters are written on formal letterheads of mental health specialists who issue them
  • They contain the name, phone number and license number of the doctor
  • They end with the signature of the professional and date of issuance
  • ESA certificates give details on the type of animal prescribed to you and the ways in which it can help you out
  • ESA letters approve the fact that you’ve been diagnosed with a specific health condition and have been prescribed the ESA therapy
  • There will also be some details about the patient like your personal data and the disability you suffer from.

As a result, if your ESA letter includes all these details, you can be sure that you’ve got a legitimate document at your disposal and you can safely use it for traveling or renting purposes.

Additional details contained in ESA letter samples

The majority of airline companies may also request some extra information about your ESA. As a result, you might need to include additional data into the letter which may consist of the next details:

  • Your need for a companion animal during travels
  • The breed of your ESA pet (which mostly refers to pet dogs or cats that are usually the only types of animals permitted during flights)
  • The weight of the ESA.

As for the landlords, they may also request extra data like how well-behaved your pet is. This is usually done for the purpose of safety so you need to make sure your animal meets this and other requirements. This is especially important because it will be your own responsibility to guarantee that your ESA causes no damage to furniture or other valuables in the rental apartment.   

How to receive the ESA certificate?

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You can get the ESA letter online, using a telemedicine service

When you want to get the ESA pet, receiving the ESA certificate is a must. And to get the letter, you should pass a few important yet simple steps. What are they? Let’s take a look:

  1. Determine if the ESA treatment is the best solution to your troubles and identify your need for the emotional support pet.
  2. Find one of the numerous mental health experts across the US and make an appointment with the doctor.
  3. Tell the doctor more about your emotional problems and the diseases you suffer from to validate your need for the ESA.
  4. If you’d rather not consult the therapist in person, you may do it online.
  5. Another alternative is to find a legal website offering the ESA letter help and to fill out the application online. After that, the qualified therapist will review your answers and check if you can get yourself the ESA. This is a much quicker and easier route.

Note: Not all ESA letter service providers are legitimate. Make sure you don’t fall into a trap with an untrustworthy company. If you come across a scammer, you’ll most probably get a fake letter that won’t be legal and won’t give you any rights.

Key Takeaways

On the whole, getting the ESA letter is not difficult but it’s still important to find out more about what this kind of document must contain. The procedure itself can be very simple as long as you meet all demands and the doctor approves your need for emotional help. What’s more, due to the bad reputation of ESA letter providers and the risk of running into a fraudster, it’s best to learn more about how the legal letter should look like and what it should include.

If you know what the ESA certificate consists of, you’ll hardly fall victim to the unreliable company. Instead, you’ll get the legal document that will let you enjoy all the benefits of ESA ownership together with miraculous legal freedoms during flights and while renting housing. No matter what your goals are, the ESA letter is a must-have addition to the ESA pet therapy. Just make sure you do everything correctly and enter a new stage in your life to achieve quick recovery from emotional troubles. No doubt, the ESA ownership will fill your life with only positive changes and the ESA letter will let you try out lots of amazing merits of ESA therapy. 

Ready to try out your luck with the ESA letter? Then contact a mental health expert right away.

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