A Pekingese dog is lying on a carpet.

Does Intelligence Matter? Meet 7 Dumbest Dog Breeds

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The truth is that some dogs can’t make a boast of their intellectual abilities. That’s why, in case you are dreaming of the pet that will be listening to your commands, you should definitely avoid some breeds.

In this article, you’ll find a list that includes the dogs that may be dumb as a bag of hammers. Some of them can sleep on your favorite gadget without remorse, while others are extremely stubborn. Probably, the owners of such pooches should have a lot of patience to teach them even the easiest commands.

1. Beagle

Two Beagles are running in the field.
Although Beagles are very adorable, it can take too much effort to train them.

Anyone knows that these pups are very friendly, cute, and just adorable. Probably, you’ll never believe that they are among the dumbest dog breeds if you look at their lovely little faces.

Nonetheless, Beagles are considered to be extremely difficult to train. Usually, these dogs do whatever they want. Besides, the American Kennel Club informs that Beagles can be easily attracted by different smells. That’s why sometimes they may get in trouble due to their little noses.

On the other hand, Beagle may become an ideal companion and friend in case you manage to deal with its contrariness. That’s why you should possess your soul in patience if you decide to adopt such a dog.

2. Pekingese

A Pekingese dog is sitting on the grass.
They are so fluffy and cute, but they can be very naughty sometimes.

Many people buy these funny pups due to their small size. However, usually, they don’t take into consideration that these little friends have a regal manner and a true sense of dignity. They are often very naughty and ungovernable. The experts say that these dogs may be really dumb as a rock.

This pet can easily send you over the edge even if you have the patience of a saint. But still, Pekingese is a loyal companion. And in case you start training it early, you’ll get a chance to overcome a lot of challenges in the future.

3. Bulldog

Hands are holding the dogs' faces.
Bulldogs do everything possible to amuse their owners.

Sometimes, stupidity may be a part of the pet’s charm. This fact is directly related to Bulldogs. Despite the fact that they are among the dumbest pups, people still love them because of their good nature. 

At the same time, this is a very lazy pet that can easily fall asleep on your favorite laptop, T-shirt, or mobile phone that has accidentally happened to be near the pooch. In addition, probably, you’ll never teach such a pet to track a scent or follow your commands. 

Nonetheless, you’ll be impressed by its loyalty and desire to make the owner happy. No doubt, these sides of bulldog’s character compensate for the lack of intellectual abilities.

4. Basset Hound

A Basset Hound dog is sitting on the grass.
These dogs are very curious about everything that's going on around them.

It’s possible to find this dog breed in any similar list. The pet’s desire to smell literally everything will turn your efforts to train this pup into the mission impossible. In case the dog is going to inspect something, you have no chance to attract its attention. Plus, these pooches may be extremely stubborn.

Although you won’t be able to teach it how to shake, you’ll get a very gentle and amazing family pet. Besides, don’t forget about its cute little face and droopy ears. It goes without saying that a wonderful appearance makes basset hound totally irresistible.

5. Mastiff

A Mastiff dog is looking somewhere.
Mastiff dogs can understand what you want them to do but they are just too lazy.

It’s impossible to say that these dogs are dumb. They are just lazy and headstrong. Mastiff will never follow the commands of a person it doesn’t consider to be a strong leader. Due to it, this is not an easy task to train this dog breed and that’s why a lot of people think that these pups are stupid. 

The truth of the matter is that the dog actually understands what you ask it to do, but still, it just refuses to obey. Luckily, things can be different in case mastiff is trained by a person with a strong will.

6. Borzoi

Borzoi dogs are in the field.
The behavior of Borzoi dogs is similar to the cats' lifestyle.

This is an ideal four-legged companion not only for people that adore dogs but also for cat-lovers. These pups are obsessed with neatness and usually act like real cats. Borzoi has a picky approach almost to everything and it will be never trying to please its owner or other people if it’s not necessary.

As well as Mastiff, this dog won’t let you start training it unless the pet feels that you have a strong character and leadership skills. The difficulties related to its learning make a lot of people think that Borzoi is a very stupid dog. In fact, only when you prove your worthiness, this noble pup will show you its loyalty.

7. Chow Chow

A Chow Chow dog is standing on a fence.
Chow Chow dogs are kind and lovely, they prefer to play all the time instead of training.

Unlike other dog breeds from this list, Chow Chow isn’t fun-loving and playful one. This is a headstrong, serious, and ambitious dog that doesn’t have any wish to learn silly tricks or follow your orders.

What is more, once you fail to earn its trust and respect, you just won’t be able to control your companion. So, in case you want to adopt Chow Chow, you may give up on trying to train your dog and just focus on preventing it from total domination.

Is My Dog a Dunderhead?

A woman is holding a Beagle dog.
Each breed is unique with its character traits and strengths.

If you’ve just discovered that your pooch makes the list, you shouldn’t be disappointed or angry. There are several facts that can certainly cheer you up.

  1. Each dog has unique abilities and character

Bear in mind that there are always exceptions and, maybe, your pet is actually the best of the best. Remember that the intellectual abilities of your dog depend not only on its breed but also on your attitude to your little friend. If you are a great trainer, no one will say that your pup is bullhead.

  1. Intelligence doesn’t matter

You shouldn’t love your dog because of its virile mind. Such qualities as friendliness, loyalty, and good temper are much more important. In case you adore your dog, you definitely shouldn’t care only about its mental skills and ability to focus on your commands.

  1. All IQ tests for dogs are unreliable

According to Today, all tests developed to examine your pup have a lot of limitations that affect their accuracy. While some of them are used to evaluate the trainability of the dog breeds, others can focus on the pet’s logical thinking, memory, etc. So, none of them can discover the true mental abilities of a pup.


It’s a no-brainer that every dog breed has unique characteristics and strengths. Plus, their owners should never forget to keep training their little friends as well as to take care of their health. Such an attitude will help you to strike up a friendship with your pooch, and, most likely, it’ll do everything to please its master.

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