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Does ESA Letter Expire and Should I Renew It?

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An ESA letter is an important document. It allows an emotional support animal owners to travel with their animals in a plane cabin free of charge, or live in a no-pets-allowed property. It is provided by a licensed mental health professional and should include: a confirmation that you have an unspecified recognized DSM-V mental disorder; that you are in special care for it; and that you are in need of an ESA to mitigate or alleviate a condition or one of its symptoms. Here is an example of how an ESA letter could look like.  But what if you lose it, smut it, or it gets eaten by a dog. What should you do when it expires? Can it ever expire? Don't worry! We will answer these questions in this short article.

Does ESA letter expire?

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You can get the renewed ESA letter from any licensed medical professionals, not necessarily from the same one that provided the previous one

A short answer is:  yes, an ESA letter does expire in a year since signed by a mental health professional. As to whether you should renew it - it depends. If you’re planning on renting an apartment or traveling by plane with your ESA, then the answer is definitely yes.

Sure, you can get a new one if you want to, there is no problem with that. You can get it from any specialist, not necessarily from the same one that provided you with the previous letter. You can get it from a specialist that treats your condition or any other one. You can also order it from getESA.com. We make sure to do it as quick, easy and hassle-free as possible.

Also, if you’re planning to change the state you are at, you might need to get another ESA letter in the state where you’re moving to. Psychiatric and counseling licenses are rarely if ever recognized over the state borders. Thus, documentation issued by a doctor or a counselor in one state might be invalid in another. There are states that have common licenses M.D., 8 of them in fact. And when it comes to LMHP and LPC licenses, they are generally only valid in one state. So, you might want to find a licensed specialist to sign you an ESA letter in your destination state. You can do so with our help because we offer services from mental health professionals in every state. 

Am I obliged to renew my ESA letter?

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You might need to prove your pet`s ESA status if the landlord asks you to

If you've already rented an apartment with the letter that has since expired, then you probably don’t need to get a new one. Also, if you are not planning to travel with your ESA, it might be not as much necessary. However, you can get it an ESA letter anyway, just in case. Who knows when you might need to prove that your little friend has an ESA status. For instance, if a landlord will try to evict you because your ESA letter is out of date. While this is, certainly, illegal, yet this can be easily avoided by having an up-to-date ESA letter.

By the way, if you already have an emotional support animal and want to get another one, you would need another ESA letter for it too. In case you already have an ESA letter but not sure whether it is valid, out of date, smutted or damaged too much, feel free to contact us so we can consult you and help you get it replaced if needed. 

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