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Cats as Emotional Support Animals: The True Miracles

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You may think that it’s a dog’s task to perform some work for people with disabilities. Although for the most part, that’s definitely true, it doesn’t mean cats can’t contribute to helping people with different health issues. No doubts, cats have been known for their healing powers for centuries. And they have recently assumed one more role – serving as emotional support animals for mentally disabled people. As a result, our feline friends are now making things easier for millions of Americans whose mental health is out of order.

You may be wondering: “How can a cat help someone who feels depressed?” Just imagine yourself snuggling with this furry creature and the answer will immediately pop up in your mind. Surely, cats have their own way of giving unconditional love to their caretakers. In most cases, the very presence of a cat helps us feel more relaxed and fight emotional stress much easier. 

Anyway, there are countless reasons why cats are great at being support animals as they often do real wonders to mentally unstable people. Want to learn more? Let’s dig into details to find out what miraculous things the feline creatures can do for us when we really need emotional help.

Why cats are awesome ESAs

Beautiful young woman with cute cat resting at home
Having a cat at home helps you lower the level of stress and feel needed

It might be the dog’s duty to protect and support humans, but the truth is that cats are just as good at offering love and support to their caretakers as dogs or any other pet. Even though they do it a bit differently, it doesn’t mean they can’t be awesome ESAs. Scientists have long been telling us that having a pet at home is a great way to improve our mental health. How? That’s quite obvious – they lower the level of stress, make you feel less lonely and even help you fight insomnia. They are simply our good little friends that offer companionship whenever we need it and help us feel better in times of distress.

Someone would say that feline species are a bit more independent and disobedient than dogs. Indeed, cats can be stubborn at times but they still work great when it comes to giving emotional support to humans. And even if it takes some time to find a perfect furry companion for your particular needs, you might soon realize that it was the right decision from the very beginning. Believe us or not, cats of any size or breed are just awesome ESAs as they give us much comfort when we need it most.

Healing miracles of cats

A cat lying on a man
The vibration of the cat curring can treat many health problems

Cats are not simply cute furry creatures. They can also do real magic in healing their caretakers. Indeed, the very vibration of the cat’s purring has a soothing effect and serves as a cure from many health problems. In particular, it has been proved that cats can help people to:

  • Get relief from depression and anxiety disorders.
  • Calm down in times of psychological stress.
  • Recover from surgeries and infections much easier.
  • Reduce blood pressure.
  • Prevent and handle various cardiovascular disorders.
  • Get relief from chronic pain.
  • Improve the immune system and much more.

Simply put, cats help us live a happier and longer life. Just ask any cat owner about all the benefits that their furry friend brings to them and the answer would be pretty much similar to what is written above.

Moreover, cats give us much more than we may expect – they help us feel emotionally better. When a cat runs towards you to greet you after a hard day at work, it influences you on a physical level, let alone all the mental benefits. Meanwhile, too many studies now say that cats are good at not just calming our nerves but also giving relief from serious illnesses like cancer and some others.

And even that’s not all. More and more people become convinced that cat owners live a happier life than those who don’t have any pets. Isn’t that a good enough reason to persuade you that cats can be a great source of comfort? Indeed, they can lift our spirits and cheer up everyone who needs emotional support and they always remain our very special friends in difficult life situations. 

Should you expect unconditional love from an ESA cat?

Two kittens in hands
Cats can love you unconditionally as well as dogs

It may be hard to believe but cats can offer as much unconditional love as their canine counterparts. These cute little creatures share their love with everyone in need and give comfort to those who feel lonely or ill. One way to get all this is to take an ESA cat. Just like other emotional support animals, cats help us relax in times of distress. And by doing this, they also make us think that there is always a way out and we’ll sooner or later cope with all hardships in our life.

But unlike other pets, these little creatures provide emotional support to us in a very special way. Ask anyone who has a cat about it and you’ll see what we mean. Any cat owner would probably agree that time spent with their pet or even the very presence of it helps them forget any problems they might have faced during the day.

Wouldn’t it be great to have such a healer at home? Definitely! In most cases, cats work for us better than any traditional pharmaceutical products. They give us a feeling of relaxation and can even slow down the heart rate to let us break free from emotional stress. Cats are our valuable assets in many life situations. They are often the best friends for kids and a good company for the elderly, not to mention they can also become a great source of comfort for anyone who has mental problems.

Cats are the best cure for our soul

Cats are a risk-free medication for our soul that can make you more comfortable with the world around when you feel depressed or lonely. Most importantly, unlike anything you would find at the drugstore, this medication doesn’t have any side effects and is absolutely harmless but still very effective.

We all know it first-hand how overwhelming emotional problems can be. But not everyone realizes that having a cat at home can give us much more than any medication prescribed by a doctor. Anyone who struggles with depression or other mental problems can get companionship and support from their dearest pet. But what’s even more important, this way of treatment brings nothing but positive outcomes with no side effects whatsoever.

Isn’t that exactly what you need right now? Even if you are not really a “cat person” and don’t quite understand all this fuss about pet ownership, you may just as well change your mind as soon as you try it yourself. Cats do real miracles to everyone who wants to change their life for the better. And even therapists recognize the healing powers of these little creatures.

What’s more, the endless stories of happy cat owners who’ve seen the healing miracles themselves continue to be a source of inspiration for many people. Perhaps the only reason why this happens is that we have a special connection with our pets – the connection of trust and companionship. That’s why the support we get from ESA cats often turns out to be more effective than hours spent with a therapist. Sometimes we don’t need any pills – we just need a good companion.


If you feel like you are banging your head against the wall and can’t cope with stress on your own, why not get yourself a furry friend? It may seem you’ve tried everything but don’t lose hope too early. Just give it one more shot and who knows, maybe it will be exactly what your soul is waiting for. What if you’ll finally get the much-needed relief from any mental problems that bother your mind? You’ll never know unless you try.

After all, sometimes we need nothing else but a little friend by our side. And such thing as an ESA may help us more than anything else while cats are simply perfect for this role. That’s just because the very process of petting a cat or just looking at it purring nearby can do wonders to our health. And that’s the key reason why getting an ESA cat might become the most effective cure from your health problems – a cure that will bring only positive changes into your life.

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