Rabbit, cat, dog and a parrot - the best choice for the role of ESA

Cat, Dog, Rabbit or Bird? Take This 10-Question Quiz to Find Out Your Best Fit for the Role of ESA

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Looking for the right type of ESA? With all sorts of animals being suitable for this role, it’s often hard to make the best-matching choice. In fact, your choices here are virtually endless. Rabbits, cats, dogs and birds are only a few options available on offer.

Which one will suit your demands to the fullest? And what type of animal do you want to see by your side most? All pets have their merits but when you are to choose just one option, the only way out would be to consider all factors in advance.

To make things easier, take the next 10-question quiz to understand what animal can become a perfect ESA in your situation.

Types of animals that can be ESAs

The ducks on the black background. ESA concept
Any animal can become your ESA, disregarding of its age, size or breed

An emotional support animal is a kind of pet that you keep at home to get therapeutic help when you suffer from some sort of emotional or mental problems. Animals can give much companionship and support to their handlers without any judgment or accusation. That’s exactly what can help you bring back your emotional wellbeing and regain focus in life.

As a rule, ESAs are dogs and cats but the list of possible options is simply endless. To be prescribed one, your disability and the need for a particular pet should be verified. But on the whole, any type of animal can qualify for the ESA role including birds, rats, reptiles, rabbits, cats, dogs, mice, mini-horses, ferrets or any other.

They can also be of absolutely any age so young kittens and puppies are also acceptable. A good thing about having the ESA is that they shouldn’t be trained to perform some tasks. They just give you relief from your disorder. The only rule here is to always have control over your animal’s behavior so that it doesn’t bother anyone around.

And even though it all seems very simple and understandable, choosing the right type of ESA is not always easy. To make things simpler, check out the next quiz and you’ll quickly understand what kind of animal can work great for you in particular.

QUIZ: What ESA is best for you?

It´s Quiz Time!

The following quiz will give you a clue on what type of ESA is likely to become your best companion – bird, cat, dog, rabbit or some more exotic species. However, no matter what results come out in the end, remember that pet ownership always comes with great responsibility. That’s why just try to ensure you do a lot of research before making your final decision.

Ready for the test? Choose the only one answer for each question:

  1. How devoted will you be to your future ESA?
    1. My pet will be near me most of the time whenever I’m at home
    2. I’ll walk with it day after day and I’ll never get tired of spending time with my pet
    3. I’ll interact with my ESA once in a while because I have a busy schedule and never stay at home for a long time
    4. I’ll give my pet full freedom to move around the house in my absence and play with it a bit when I get home
    5. I do not have enough time to devote to my pet on a daily basis
  2. What are you looking for in the future ESA?
    1. Cuddly pet to snuggle with in times of distress
    2. Source of distraction to keep me busy as much as possible
    3. Easy-to-look-at companion that is nice to play with
    4. A merry and bright distraction from negative thoughts
    5. Just somebody to make me company
  3. Where do you live exactly?
    1. Ordinary apartment unit
    2. A house with the garden or a yard
    3. Small-sized apartment
    4. Sunlit and spacious apartment
    5. I share the house with the other tenants
  4. How much space can you devote to your pet’s accommodation?
    1. My house is his house
    2. The entire house with a yard
    3. One corner of my room
    4. A surface for a cage
    5. Well, actually, it is already rather tight in here…
  5. How much money are you ready to invest in ESA ownership on a monthly basis?
    1. $60
    2. $75
    3. $90
    4. $40-70
    5. Is not it costless to take a pet?
  6. What kind of animal would you never take for an ESA?
    1. A noisy animal
    2. Too passive animal
    3. The one that requires too much care
    4. A badly-smelling pet
    5. Any pet is okay for me
  7. How would you characterize yourself?
    1. I enjoy doing whatever comes to my mind
    2. I enjoy staying busy and active as much as I can
    3. I am calm and peaceful
    4. I am communicative and optimistic
    5. I am irritable and my mood changes all the time
  8. How do you prefer to spend your free time?
    1. On the couch with a good book or movie
    2. Outside. Sport-related activities and park promenades are my favorites
    3. I like social events and parties, and I rarely get home until midnight
    4. On short trips with my friends
    5. All of the listed is good for me
  9. What lifetime do you expect your pet to have?
    1. Up to 16 years
    2. Up to 13 years
    3. Up to 2 years
    4. Up to 100 years
    5. I don`t think I care
  10.  Are you ready to be distracted from what you do at home?
    1. Only if I do not need to change my plans
    2. Yes, that is no problem for me, I am quite flexible and organized
    3. No, I need to be able to plan my time according to my own needs
    4. I do not mind being distracted by singing
    5. I`ll punish my pet if he distracts me

Verdict: What kind of ESA to get?

If you are done, count how many answers you had for each letter, and read on about what animal will be most recommended for your case.

Answers “A” prevail:

A CAT might be the solution you are looking for!

Happy cat in her owner's arms

Cat benefits: Cats are very funny and admirable creatures. Although they may require some extra attention from their owners, one of them can become your best ever friend and a perfect companion as long as you treat your pet properly, take good care of its health, and play with it from time to time.

Answers “B” prevail:

Your perfect companion is A DOG!

Breed Jack Russell Terrier Dog posing on camera with human woman legs outdoors

Dog benefits: Dogs are of course the most loyal creatures in this world. Keep in mind that you may need to spend more time at home if you’ve got an ESA dog. In many cases, dogs need their handler’s attention a bit more often than other animals. They also need physical training and regular exercising. If you’re ready to invest in ESA ownership, get yourself a canine friend and you’ll be fully satisfied.

Answers “C” prevail:

Consider getting A RABBIT!

Beautiful young woman holds a cute and fluffy gray rabbit

Bunny benefits: Rabbits are quiet, require little space, and aren’t as demanding as some other pets. If you aren’t interested in spending loads of time with your ESA and devoting much attention to it, then a cute little bunny would be your best ever choice. However, even though bunnies are fun to interact with and don’t require constant attention, they may still need a bit more medical care than other types of animals.

Answers “D” prevail:

What about getting A BIRD for the role of your ESA?

A man and a parrot on his shoulder

Bird benefits: Here you’ve got many choices. You may choose a duck, parrot, chicken, or even a peacock as long as you don’t mind getting something really exotic. The merits of birds are numerous:

  • Too much care isn’t required
  • Birds are cute and look simply adorable
  • No extra space is needed
  • Birds don’t ask for additional attention
  • They don’t require any extra training
  • Birds can easily distract you from gloomy thoughts on your mind.

On the other hand, birds can also be rather loud but other than that, you’ll hardly find any flaws in such a choice.

Answers “E” prevail:

Are you sure you need a pet?

Young woman over isolated blue background with glasses and surprised

Before you make your final choice, ask yourself whether an animal is just what you need at the moment. Consider that it needs your love and support as much as you do, and go adopt a pet only when you feel to be absolutely ready to take its interests into account as well as your own.

Key Takeaways

Some people are fond of challenges and don’t mind taking odd animals home for the role of their ESAs. Despite the fact that any type of animal can be your ESA, it’s still worth considering the pros and cons of each option before arriving at the final decision.

Everything here depends on how much time you’re ready to spend with your ESA and whether or not you have a tight schedule. If you’re a busy person and aren’t ready to make commitments or invest in your life with the ESA, it’s best to get a not very demanding animal that wouldn’t require too much attention. 

If you aren’t certain that you can cope with some particular type of animal, try to ensure that your final choice is rational. Just make sure your future ESA is of the right type and breed to guarantee that you get exactly what you need from the future ESA ownership – emotional support, loyalty, companionship, and unconditional love.

All these things are possible but only if your choice is backed up by well-informed reasons. Ready to begin? Make your final decision and apply for an ESA letter!

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