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Best Cat Breeds for Emotional Support

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Do you feel unhappy or depressed? It’s not the time to give up yet! Moreover, if you’ve been diagnosed with depression or any other emotional problem, there is no need to rely on medications only. Get yourself an ESA cat and it will brighten up your life in no time. It wouldn’t be a surprise if getting a little friend for emotional support will even work for you better than anything else.

But for a start, think of which cat breed you’d like to cuddle with most of all. Some cat breeds simply make really amazing ESAs. And choosing the one that suits your personality will let you get the most from the ESA ownership. That’s not to mention that choosing the right furry pal will leave you and your pet happy with each other’s company.

So, what breed to choose? Large or small? Furry or hairless? All options have something special about them, let alone all of them are simply charming. But one particular breed may meet your personal needs better than others. Let’s see why it’s important to find the right breed for your personality and what breeds fit the role of an ESA most.

Why you need the right breed

Most of us got used to the idea that the primary therapeutic role of ESA pets is to offer companionship and relief from mental problems to their caretakers. As a result, if you suffer from any mental disorder, getting an ESA cat might be the only right decision you can make in this situation. But getting the right type of a cat is often an equally important choice simply because not all breeds work for us the way we want.

What do we look for in emotional support cats? An ideal cat should probably:

  • Enjoy cuddling and hugging as much as you do.
  • Follow you wherever you go to let you feel less lonely.
  • Sit nearby when you feel moody.
  • Enjoy playing and having fun with the caretaker.
  • Have a pleasant and not annoying voice.
  • Enjoy purring from time to time when spending time with its owner.

Surely, the qualities you may be looking for in your ideal type of a cat may vary from case to case. Still, in most cases, your pet should be well-natured and calm to ensure your mental healing. At the very least, a perfect cat for a mentally unstable person would be the one that loves being by your side but doesn’t bother you too much causing discomfort.

We’ve gathered a list of the best cat breeds for emotional support. And who knows, maybe one of them will be exactly what you need. Check them out and find the best furry pal for a new life ahead of you.

  1. Ragdolls

Cute longhair baby ragdoll cat sitting with a ball of pink wool on a pink background

The cats of this breed are not just some of the largest kitties in existence but also some of the most affectionate of all. And surely, these loving and well-natured creatures deserve to be on top of this list. These cats are perfect for anyone who struggles with mood swings. If that’s your case, you probably don’t want anyone to bother you when you feel down. Luckily, Ragdolls are not that sort of cats. They don’t like to be a nuisance to their owners so if your mood changes like crazy, get yourself a Ragdoll and you won’t regret your choice.

What they really like is snuggling and cuddling but they are still very calm and never forget good manners even when being surrounded by kids or unfamiliar people. What’s more, they absolutely adore resting on the caretaker’s lap or even laying on top of you whenever you want to spend time with your pet. And that’s not all – these cats are really easygoing and friendly. You can even teach them some dog’s tricks like fetching objects and others. Who wouldn’t want a large and fluffy puppy-like cat? If it sounds like a perfect cat for you, get a Ragdoll and you’ll fall in love with your new companion in no time!

  1. Siamese

Siamese cat

This breed is often ranked as one of the most loving and loyal cat types of all. Again, if you are fond of cats with a dog-like personality, there can be no better option than a Siamese cat. That’s because these beautiful creatures with sophisticated looks are often named “the dogs of the feline world” and for a good reason. After all, a Siamese cat wouldn’t mind if you take it for a walk and even teach it to play games – they are incredibly playful. And that’s exactly what makes these cats perfect for the role of an ESA as a source of support and comfort.

Even though they can be naughty and whimsical at times, you’ll soon realize that they are also very affectionate and want maximum attention from their caretakers. These kitties definitely live up to the title of “social creatures” as they don’t like it when you leave them all alone for too long. If that’s a matter of concern for you, make sure you get two cats of this breed to let them enjoy each other’s company when you are away.

Anyway, Siamese cats are simply adorable with their slim bodies and sparkling blue eyes. But most importantly, they are also very loyal and would make a great ESA for anyone who needs a bit of company. Does it sound familiar? Then get a Siamese and it’ll be your very special friend to keep you company in times of stress or whenever you feel lonely.

  1. Sphynx

Sphynx cat, dark background

Some people would probably say that the cats of this breed are not the most appealing representatives of the cat world. Let’s face it – they don’t have those beautiful fluffy coats that are so pleasant to touch and this might be the reason why not everyone likes hairless species.

No doubts, this is a very exotic and unusual breed. But for someone who needs a loyal companion close by, Sphynx would be a simply amazing choice. Why? That’s just because these cats are very loyal and always eager to share their love with someone who cares for them. You’ll never feel the lack of love in your home if you choose to get this hairless breed for a company.

Moreover, Sphynx cats are curious and loving by nature so they are simply ideal candidates for becoming an ESA. We have no doubts that it’ll be a great pleasure for you to have this kitty by your side as it will eagerly keep you company every time you feel miserable or depressed.

  1. Persian

persian cat

Persian cats are as exotic as Sphynx but in their own different way. With their unmistakable faces and extremely fluffy coats, these cats have long become legendary among all other cat breeds. On top of all this, there are also a few sound reasons to consider them amazing ESA cats.

Just think of it – these cats never get overexcited easily but instead prefer a calm life in small spaces. This makes them your best bet if you live in a small flat but still want to share your home with a furry pal. What’s more, Persian cats never crave for too much activity and they may seem a bit shy at first glance. However, you’ll soon realize that they can also be very affectionate. As soon as they get to know you better, they will stop being shy and reserved. Instead, they will share their love and affection with you whenever possible.    

On the downside, their long and lush fur may require a bit of maintenance which may seem not very convenient. But if you don’t mind a bit of a challenge, you’ll never regret your choice. After all, these creatures are really sweet, gentle and calm. Isn’t that what you are looking for in your future ESA? If so, a Persian cat would be your best-matching option!

  1. Maine Coon

Maine Coon Cat

This cat breed has a special charm of its own. Maine Coons are the largest cat breed that has long become all-favorite for the entire American nation. They are known for their good nature and extremely extroverted character so they are likely to become your best cure for loneliness or depression. The most fascinating thing about Maine Coons is that these kitties can find understanding with anyone around including other pets and kids, let alone their owners. This makes them very affectionate by nature and extremely sociable.

As a result, they’ll be your constant companions wherever you go as they are active and never get tired of learning new things. The best part of it all is that it’s always a great pleasure to snuggle with them as these cats have lush fur which is soft and pleasant to the touch. And although it might be hard to keep their coats in order, the pleasure of hugging and cuddling with them will pay off for any negatives.

Key Takeaways

So, which breed works best for you? At long last, it’s up to you what to pick. But with a little bit of research, you’ll soon find out what suits your tastes most. Perhaps the most important thing here is to ensure that you can make an instant connection with your pet and build a trustful relationship. This will leave both of you happy with the life together.

Surely, making choices is never a simple task. But no matter what you choose in the end, we believe that any cat can make your best furry pal as long as it loves being with you and you love it in return. And you can always expect the much-needed support and affection from your new feline friend. Isn’t that what really matters when you have an ESA? Definitely!

If you still have any doubts, you shouldn’t – cats really care about their favorite humans. They will never get tired of giving love and companionship to their caretakers and they don’t ask too much in return. That’s a perfect deal for both of you so leave any doubts aside and decide which breed you’ll be happy to have as a company.

Do you think you’ve found the best breed for you? Then check if you can get an ESA letter and welcome your new furry friend into your home!

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