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Almost half of the USA population is coping with stress on the daily basis. The most effective way to ease off and treat psychological problems is to get a pet able to provide you with an emotional support. However, pet owners frequently get in situations which make staying with the pet a difficult task: airlines` restrictions, no pet policy, etc. The solution is to register your friend as an emotional support animal and forget about your troubles once and forever.

GetEsa is the certified online platform aimed at:

  • Providing useful information about the emotional support animals that regard the choice of the animal, care, useful travelling tips, state regulations and much more.
  • Connecting clients with licensed medical professionals that specialize in writing ESA letters.

Our mission is to help patients get REST: Reliable, Easy, Safe and Timely assistance of medical experts. Improve your life quality with GetEsa!

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Enough about us, we want talk about you. We are dedicated to the mission of providing the safest and most educational experience for our loyal customers. Our goal is not to sell you esa letters, it is to support and make your lifestyle comfortable. We offer transparency in the services on this site and let you make the choices that are best for you. Never hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns, we are only here because of you!

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