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A Teacup Pet: List of The Smallest Dog Breeds

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Aren’t teacup dog breeds simply perfect? They really are! But the choice of a small pup for the role of your ESA can be really overwhelming simply because the variety of the smallest dog breeds is truly diverse. On the other hand, the reasons for giving preference to one of the tiny little creatures are also numerous:

  • Small-sized breeds are compact so you won’t face any restrictions on board the plane or while renting home with your ESA.
  • Tiny pups are the cutest little guys that can become your dearest companions.
  • Small dog breeds are often a source of admiration.

And this list of merits can be continued. The smallest representatives of the canine world can indeed become the most adorable and faithful ESAs. But which breed to choose? Do you want a fluffy dog or maybe a smart and intelligent one?

When selecting the dog for the role of an ESA, many factors come into play. These include the energy level, temperament and much more than that. Your dog will play a very special role so it’s necessary to have the right breed with the right character that will ideally fit your personal needs.

Want to make the right choice at the first try? You’ll find everything you need below to guarantee that your choice of the ESA is 100% successful.

List of the smallest dog breeds that make excellent ESAs

Selecting the best-matching dog breed can be a vital decision. Some dogs are more lovable than others so they perfectly fit the ESA role and can help their owners to live through the bad days in life.

Here are the top 5 smallest dog breeds that you may find suitable for this duty. Check them all out before making the final choice.

  1. Brussels Griffon

Brussels griffon dog running outdoors

How about starting our list from the happiest dog breed of all? Brussels Griffons look much like the Yorkshire Terriers. The only difference is their size and the incomparable facial expression that can’t leave anyone indifferent. If you are looking for a cheerful little pup, this could be the one.

In fact, the representatives of this dog breed have a very joyful personality and instantly make friends with everyone around including kids and other pets. Having a Brussels Griffon around means having a happy face by your side all the time. That’s exactly why people often choose this breed for the role of their ESA.

And this is especially true for those who want a really active pet. This dog will have enough energy for both of you so that it’ll never get tired of everyday walks or the playtime with its owner. On the whole, you’ll hardly find any drawbacks in this tiny pup so getting it for the ESA role can be a truly sound decision.

  1. Affenpinscher

Sweet Black Affenpinscher Dog

These are most commonly called monkey terriers and they are simply perfect as companion dogs. They can easily build good relations with kids and can play with them non-stop. Affenpinschers are also very faithful to their handlers and they never stop showing affection especially when there are children around.

They are also good at chasing and have loads of energy that seems to never fade out. Most importantly, they don’t require too much care – only your love and a bit of grooming. All this makes them ideal candidates to serve as emotional support animals.

  1. Coton du Tulear

Cotton dog with its ball

These are simply adorable pups that can be great companions and deserve to be admired for their toy-like appearance. The most important traits of this petite breed are:

  • Devotion
  • Intelligence
  • Adorable looks.

If you’re looking for a loyal friend to be by your side whenever you need support and emotional help, Coton du Tulear would be the best ever choice for this task. You can always rely on them in times of distress and they also learn new things very easily. That’s not to mention that they look very cute and are surprisingly cuddly.

  1. Chihuahua

Chihuahua dog on white background

These little pups are often called the smallest breed in the world so they are simply ideal for the role of companion dogs during travels. The tiny parameters of the dog breed don’t diminish the degree of loyalty they can give to their handlers. That’s why they can make perfect ESAs especially because they are very friendly and amiable.

On the other hand, sometimes they can also be very yappy but they easily calm down and don’t mind changing the environment. That’s because they get used to new settings very quickly.

Want a loyal travel companion? Get yourself a Chihuahua and you’ll be 100% satisfied with your choice.

  1. Pug

Pug puppy

The last on our list would be a pug. These dogs are often chosen as assistance dogs for mentally unstable individuals. They are simply ideal for the task of being a trusted friend to kids and the elderly. And even if that’s not your case, you’ll never regret your choice if you pick a pug for the role of your ESA and there are good reasons to think so.

In fact, these tiny creatures are very energetic and lovable. They are always ready to give a bit of love to their handlers and they never stop showing affection for their beloved people. Meanwhile, their sparkling doggy eyes will let you forget about your mental troubles in no time. And if that’s your goal, picking a pug would be your next best choice.

Key Takeaways

Selecting the right dog breed can be a devastating decision especially if you’re looking for a small-sized breed for the role of your ESA. However, this choice shouldn’t be too complicated.

With a little bit of research, you’ll be able to pick the best companion dog in the world. And we have no doubts that it will deal with its major task successfully and will never let you down when you’re under emotional stress. After all, dogs always stay loyal to their caretakers and that’s the key reason why they are our most trusted friends.

However, choosing the right type of dog is just as important as everything else. If you want to add a teacup dog breed into your life and make it your ESA, this can just as well become a life-changing decision. Just make sure you pick the right one and get ready to welcome spectacular changes in your life.

Ready to make your choice? Then apply for the ESA letter online and take one more step forward on your way to emotional wellbeing!

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