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Emotional Support Rabbits: Quiet, Gentle, Adorable

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What’s the greatest thing about having a pet? Surely, it’s the ability of pets to make us happier and improve our mood whenever we have the blues. In addition, they give us everything we crave during dark days in life – companionship, love, and affection.

That’s exactly why rabbits are a great match for the role of our companion animals. They have amazing personalities which makes them best-fitting ESAs for everyone who needs emotional help.

Is that your case? Keep reading to find out why fluffy little bunnies are not just adorable and cute animals but also our best helpers in difficult times in life.

Adorable looks and lovable nature: Key reasons to get an ESA rabbit

A boy is lying on the floor with a rabbit on him.
Rabbits are cute and adorable animals that will positively influence your state.

Rabbits are undeniably the cutest little creatures in the world. Can you think of a more adorable animal than a bunny with its fluffy coat and floppy ears? Surely, for people suffering from emotional problems, cute looks and a well-natured character of ESA rabbits can greatly speed up the recovery.

However, these are not the only things that can help you feel better emotionally when you’ve got such an ESA by your side. In fact, there is a myriad of other arguments in favor of ESA bunnies and here are only a few of the most important ones we can think of:

  1. ESA bunnies can be a great source of comfort for their owners

Rabbits are gentle and well-natured which makes them great support animals so that spending time with the ESA rabbit will bring you the needed comfort and peace of mind. Due to their affectionate nature, they easily build an emotional bond with their handlers and they can give you the needed support whenever you’re affected by stress.

Just make sure you provide them with love and care in return for their emotional help and they’ll pay you back with as much support and affection as you need. Finally, rabbits are very passionate and social creatures so they’ll never let you fall into deep despair and gloomy thoughts or stay depressed for too long. Instead, they’ll always give you peace of mind and soothe your nerves whenever you need it most.

  1. Bunnies do fairly well with loud noises and are very quiet themselves

Having a quiet support animal is always more preferable than having a too loud and disturbing one. Why? Just imagine how much barking you would have to deal with if you had a dog or how bothering the meowing of a cat can be. Instead, you can forget about all these things if you get yourself a quiet little bunny for an ESA.

Despite anything you might have heard about how easily a rabbit can get frightened, most of such rumors aren’t real. In fact, rabbits do quite well with loud noises and are very calm and quiet themselves.

Therefore, if loud noises that usually come from pets are the major point you’re worried about, getting the ESA rabbit would be your best match ever. They’ll never wake you up in the dead of the night and you’ll hardly hear anything more than a few squeaks from them once in a while.

A big gray rabbit is in the girl's hands.
Every rabbit has a character and personality, so it can become a good companion.

  1. Rabbits are unique creatures with awesome personalities

The ESA rabbit can easily become your best companion simply because bunnies have a personality of their own which can’t be compared with that of any other pet. Rabbits are playful, cuddly and loving, let alone they have an ideal temperament for the role of the ESA. And what else is needed when you want to have a trusted companion by your side?

Although most people who are looking for the ESA don’t always think of getting the rabbit for this task, be sure – their unique personality makes them the best-suited animals for this purpose. What makes them great ESAs is that bunnies:

  • Will never disturb other dwellers
  • Are very caring and sensitive to others’ feelings
  • Learn new things momentarily
  • Show much affection for their handlers
  • Love cuddling and playing a lot

Surely, with such a perfect pet in your home, you will quickly achieve improvement in your health and emotional state.

  1. ESA rabbits are perfect for small homes as they don’t need too much space

One more reason why rabbits can turn into great emotional support pets is the fact that they are happy even with a very little space in your home. You can keep the rabbit in an open cage added with a litter box, feeding area, and other necessary things. Just make sure it is fairly large to make your pet comfortable.

Other than that, you’ll hardly face any trouble with the amount of space your bunny needs to stay happy and satisfied. And the best part of it all is that unlike other small-sized pets like mice, you won’t be afraid to lose your bunny even if you give your pet full freedom to walk around your home without limits.

  1. You’ll hardly find a more admirable creature than a rabbit

Can you think of a more admirable little creature than a rabbit? Probably not. The cute looks of rabbits make everyone want to take pictures of them over and over again. And when you’re interacting with your pet rabbit or cuddling with it, it produces instant effects on your psychological state.

No doubt, their fluffy coats, and adorable twitching noses will never leave anyone indifferent. That’s yet another reason why getting the pet rabbit can be an ideal option for everyone who needs the ESA. By simply looking at your pet, you’ll immediately forget about all the stress or any hardships you might have faced during the day. All this makes ESA rabbits a fast-acting remedy for emotional troubles.

Other benefits of ESA rabbits: Is there anything else you should know?

A rabbit is sitting on a shoulder of a girl.
Rabbits don't require so much care as dogs do - you don't have to walk them.

Emotional support rabbits aren’t always a prime choice among future ESA owners but they have a few undeniable benefits which make them better suited for this role than many other animals. Here are a few of their major merits we haven’t told you about yet:

  • Rabbits don’t have to be taken for a walk

This is a perfect match for those who live in apartments because for such people, taking a pet for a walk day after day would be a challenge. Instead, rabbits are perfectly happy to stay where they are – in their owner’s house. And even inside your home, they can get enough exercising by running around the house and playing with you whenever both of you have the right mood.

  • They have a long life span

Unlike other pets that can keep you company for just 1-3 years, a pet rabbit can live with you happily for as much as 10 years or even more. This will give you good chances to build a long-term friendship with this cuddly creature so be ready for a long-lasting commitment if you consider getting yourself a rabbit for the duty of your ESA.

  • Training a rabbit is a pleasure

One more thing you might not know about bunnies is their ability to learn new things surprisingly quickly. They easily get used to a litter box and they require not too much guidance in daily life. They can even learn to recognize your voice and come by when you call them up. Just give your bunny some treats like carrots or apples and they’ll get a knack of new things in a matter of a second.

Key Takeaways

Cute tiny rabbits are in their home.
ESA therapy is a magic cure that can let people live a happy life.

What makes ESA therapy so popular? A simple fact – it gives you good chances to improve your psychological state, regain emotional stability and get relief from mental problems. But that’s exactly why lots of things can make all the difference when you’re looking for the best-matching type of ESA.

Too many people are getting dogs or cats for this role but these animals are surely not the only options on offer. In fact, rabbits can be a better choice.

The reasons to choose a bunny are multiple. Their gentle temperament and well-natured character make them perfect ESAs, let alone they are all very cute and look really charming. Most importantly, they are not very demanding – all that is required to make your rabbit happy with your life together is to play with it once in a while and let it explore your home a couple of hours a day.

What’s more, you won’t have to take your rabbit outdoors for an everyday walk which makes matters much simpler. And even inside the house, bunnies require a fairly small living area. On top of it all, they are also very responsive to training.

So, do you need any better proof that a cute fluffy bunny can do really well at being your ESA? Probably not. If you’re ready to get yourself a floppy-eared ESA, don’t hesitate to reach out to a therapist and certify your pet!

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